Hauling Cattle

We have returned from Montana where we picked up our new cattle.  We wanted to get there and back while the weather cooperated; you don’t have to live in this area long to hear horror stories of people being caught on the road in a Montana blizzard.  So, we trailed a storm over the mountains and had beautiful, snowy scenery but the roads were clear.

It is a long drive to Montana, and really nice to have a wonderful guest house available for us to use on the ranch.

After we settled in, it was time to pick out the two heifers we wanted to join the bull calf we already had reserved.  David and Karen have been very patiently teaching us about the correct conformation of good, grass finishing beef cattle.  They had about a dozen heifers in a pen for us to select from; I won’t mention any names, but one of us picked out the two best heifers in the group and the other one of us – who is not writing this blog – picked out the worst one.  Needless to say, we did not go with his choice.  So, heifers with eartag numbers  815 and 26 are in need of better names.

Aren’t these two cute?  No, we did not take Harry and Bess the new kittens with us.  We found a pair that could be their twins (only a little darker) in the barn in Montana.

The weather was cold and crisp with snow on the mountains in the distance.   The cloud formation reflected on the pond was really beautiful.

Very soon our quick visit at the ranch was over, the cattle were loaded and it was time to head home.

We stopped that evening and got out the bucket to water the cattle while we had dinner.  It was so cold the night before – 15 degrees – that the water in the bucket was still mostly frozen.

It looked like a giant ice cube.

The road home takes you either through downtown Seattle (I-5) or Bellevue (405).  We chose Bellevue which is where the rich and famous live across the lake from Seattle.  The sights and sounds must have been quite a shock for our little calves who have only known the open range.

And then back to the peace and quiet of our little valley.  We got the old cattle and the new cattle all in their appropriate pastures and everyone is doing well.

 And, just at the end of a long day, a gorgeous sunset to finish it off.

2 comments on “Hauling Cattle

  1. mark says:

    I’m glad everything went well. Sorry to have missed out on the adventure, but almost DONE with our firewood deliveries for the season! We will gather our spring-birthed calves soon for sale on Dec. 1st. The count for fall-born calves is almost to 40! Bucks are in stupid mode, and the turkeys are starting to strut their stuff. Everything has turned green, but the cold nights and short days seem to have paused the grass at 2″. mark

  2. Brenda says:

    Sorry you guys couldn’t make it on this trip but the invitation is open any time – maybe in the spring? The ranch in Montana is really something to see.
    40 Calves! Great! Hope the spring calves sell well.

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