The Meeting

Molly and Grizzly have been very curious about the new little critters in residence in the shed. Harry and Bess – the kittens – don’t seem too concerned with the dogs.  They are running around and exploring their new territory in the shed.

They dart around and play and generally ignore the dogs pretty much.  Molly goes into “mother” mode; she wants to roll them over and lick them top to bottom.

Grizzly seems a little puzzled by the creatures; interesting but what do you do with them?

We’re hoping that their playful nature translates into catching lots of mice.

4 comments on “The Meeting

  1. tj says:

    Too cute. but aren’t you on a trip?

    • Brenda says:

      Very good TJ! Yes, we were on a trip when this was posted. Through the magic of the internet and the blog site, I can schedule posts to appear in advance. Tricky huh?

      We are now back and Harry and Bess are doing well in the shed. No mice in the bucket mousetrap; I don’t know if that means the kittens ate them or scared them away?

  2. Bob says:

    Very nice…don’t forget the 22 to combat the little ones as well.

    • Brenda says:

      Rick didn’t want to spend his nights in the shed waiting for the mice to appear. If you want to perform this stakeout duty, let us know.

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