Remember those mice we have been having in our shed?  My mouse trap can hardly keep up, we still have one or two almost every day and the other night got four.

The phone charger in my car that plugs into the cigarette lighter stopped working.  It was working just a day or two before and was almost new – what could it be?  I checked it by plugging it into Rick’s truck and it worked fine.  Turns out a mouse got into my engine compartment and made a nest and apparently gnawed on some of my wires – including the ones to the cigarette lighter/phone charger.  So we had been discussing that we should get some cats to help rid ourselves of the mice.  Barn cats – only we don’t have a barn so I guess they would be shed cats.  We were driving downriver to pick up our trailer and what did we see.

We stopped by just to take a look . . . and here is the kitten who climbed out of the box in the back seat on the way home.

Technically this was his second time out; he climbed out the first time in the vet’s office so they very kindly taped the box up for the trip home.  This time it took him at least five minutes to get out of the taped box.


He was not content to sit still and be petted, he wanted to explore all over the truck – including all over Rick as he was driving.  So, I stuck him back into the box, secured the tape again and put the new cat bed on top of the box for good measure.  This time it took him about three minutes to be out of the box.  I have named him Harry Houdini.

This is his sister, Bess.  Bess was quietly sitting in the box the whole way home.

 They are a cute pair and hopefully will keep each other company – and get rid of twice as many mice.

5 comments on “Mousers

  1. Tj says:

    Too darn cute. We have serious mice issues too. If you decide to use poison in out of the way places or i a box that animals can’t get in, but mice can, use one bite. We have found it to be the only kind that works. We throw it in our attic. Good mousing.

    • Brenda says:

      We may have to try that – if the kittens and mousetrap can’t keep up. I hate to use poison in case the animals get a hold of one of the poisoned mice, but they are going to take over the place soon unless we get control.

  2. mark says:

    I still miss the “shootin’ gallery” mark

  3. ml says:

    Thanks for the picturea of the Trumans – they are very cute and Russ wwould like to hold them. You may have to treat them for obesity unless they join forces with the mice and become playmates.

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