Blue Skies

We live in an area designated as a rain forest because we get about 94 inches of rain per year on average, so most people naturally assume that all we have are rainy, cloudy days – and we do certainly have our share.  We also have some beautiful sunny days around here.  This was one of them.

Because it had rained the day before, and the day before that too, the air was sparkling clean and clear.  I love that fresh, clean smell.

We live not too many air miles from the Naval Station at Whidbey Island and get military flights overhead now and again.  This one left a perfect vapor trail across the cloudless blue sky.

Yes, I did live under the flight path at the edge of the runway on an Air Force Base for four years.  And no, I still can’t identify most of the military plans I see flying around.  Except A-10’s! Those I can spot immediately.  Unfortunately this is not an A-10 so I can only say it is some type of cargo plane – not a fighter.  

What was rain here was snow in the mountains.  You can see a dusting on Diobsud peak in the distance.

This is the view our cattle have from our neighbor’s “Anderson Ranch” where they have spent the summer enjoying the lush green grass.

They really don’t seem to care too much about their beautiful view..

One comment on “Blue Skies

  1. Tj says:

    Nice. Sunny and warm here too. 80 degrees today!

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