My Lists

I am a list person.  I make grocery lists and things-to-do lists and things-to-pack lists and questions-to-ask lists.  I have been mentally making two lists ever since we moved here to, as Megan so delicately phrases it, “the middle of nowhere.”  Some things I love about living here, some things not so much.  Since a big list is not very photogenic, I am including a few of my favorite fall pictures of our ranch.

Things I Love: 

In no particular order.

1.  We have no cell phone service here.

2.  You cannot see another man-made structure from our property.

3.  It rains here more than four inches per year (about 24 times as much).

4.  It is not dusty here and the air is fresh and clean (see item 3 above).

5.  There are four actual, distinct seasons here, and you can tell which one it is by looking around.

6.  The river(s) here actually have water in them all year round.  And there are two within a mile of our house.

7.  There is no stop-light in our whole town.  In fact, there is no stop-light within three towns.

8.  In the summer it stays light out until 10 pm.

9.  We have a beautiful view of trees, mountains and glaciers.

Things I Love – continued:

10.  We have great tasting, naturally pure, clean mountain water with no chemicals.

11.  We have made some wonderful new friends.

12.  Most of the time, it is just the two of us.

13.  You can drive about an hour and be at the water.  There you get on a ferry and cruise through the San Juan Islands or all the way to the Canada.

14.  Fresh seafood.

15.  We have time to do what we choose to do.

16.  You can grow tulips here, and the blooms last for weeks.

17.  You get your regular seat every week in church because everyone knows where everyone else sits.

Things I Love – continued again:

18.  You only have to remember the last four digits of phone numbers because everyone in town has the same prefix.

19.  It is so cool at night the flannel sheets on our bed feel wonderful all year round.

20.  Fires in the wood stove with snow on the ground outside.

21.  Wonderful, edible things grow wild here – mushrooms, berries, etc.

22.  Most people who have lived in Washington their whole life have no idea where Marblemount is.

23.  There is so much beautiful scenery and nature around you try to remember to carry your camera in your pocket at all times.

24.  You have to drive into town to get your mail, and when you go to the window Kathy the post office lady knows you on sight.

25.  The sound of rain on our metal porch roof.

26.  No matter how or when it was mailed, Next Day Air, or OverNight Express, etc.,  Fed Ex only comes on Thursday.

27.  You have to drive on a bridge over a flowing river teeming with salmon to get to town.

Things I Don’t Love:

Again in no particular order.

1.  There is no Dewars here (a wonderful ice cream and chocolate shop in Bakersfield for those of you who don’t know).

2.  We don’t get to see our children very often.

3.  You have to get out of your vehicle and unlock our gate to get in or out of the driveway – even when it is raining or snowing.

4.  We have trespassers; hunters, bike riders, quad riders, mushroomers and just general up-to-no-good trespassers.

5.  In the winter it gets dark at 4:30 pm.

6.  Digging fence post holes, or any other kind of hole,  in rocks; some of which are the size of a boulders.

7.  We don’t get to see our old friends very often.

8.  Rogelia doesn’t come to clean our house – I really miss her!

9.  The tourists who drive 32 miles an hour sightseeing (in a 55 mph zone) are on the same highway as you are when you are trying to get somewhere on time.

10.  There is really no point in getting a pedicure when you are only going to put your work boots back on.

11.  I miss my sewing room and my big kitchen.  It is ironic that when I had the big kitchen – and a full barbecue kitchen – I didn’t cook much.  Now that I have a tiny kitchen I cook a lot (by necessity – not that I’ve gotten any better at it).

9 comments on “My Lists

  1. ml says:

    One of the things I love: Your gorgeous pictures.

  2. mark says:

    That is a very good list! Nearly all are on my list as well, if I made lists… and a few are a step above. mark

  3. Tj says:

    You can fix the gate problem, get an auto opener. We did! Love it in the rain.

  4. Bob says:

    And…you don’t get to see your only brother and his wonderful family as much as you would like to…haha.

    I only wish you all were closer. Can you move your spread closer?

    Hope all is well and the girls say hi.

    • Brenda says:

      Oh my – did I forget to include that? Of course I miss my only brother and his wonderful family.

      I think if we moved this place south it would dry up and blow away.

  5. Meg says:

    If you send us plane tickets your children will come 🙂

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