October 10, 1988 a blue-eyed, blonde haired (what there was of it) girl was born.  She was the second child born into a family that included a brother who was almost three years old, and her parents.  Her mother dressed her in pink at every opportunity.

This little girl loved animals from an early age (and the kitten pictured lived).

Always an adventurous child, you never knew where you would find her next – including in the trunk with the groceries.

She and her dad were very close, and she went fishing with him on a family trip to Mammoth.

In spite of her brother’s prediction that “Girls can’t catch fish” she and her dad did catch a big one.

She and her Grandma Helen have always shared a taste for jewelry; and our girl has always enjoyed shoes of any kind including bunny slippers.

She was slways eager to try a new any challenge – like rock climbing.

She played a LOT of sports; soccer, hockey, softball, basketball, volleyball; and was always # 6.

She enjoyed her friends on the various teams as much as the games.

And generally had a good time no matter what was happening.

She went to high school and made new friends and enjoyed the experience – and yes they won the game!

 Though she was a tough opponent on the field, she did enjoy getting dressed up too.  Here is she is with her dad before the senior prom.

And then she graduated from high school (with honors) and went off to college – in Texas where she became a proud member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2011.

She met new people.

And though it doesn’t seem possible that little girl is now 22 years old and a senior in college.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!

P.S.  She still likes cats.

5 comments on “10/10/10

  1. tj and Mark says:

    Happy Birthday Spunky Cat Lady!

  2. Michael says:

    The Indiana Crew wishes you a Happy Birthday Megan!!!!

  3. […] And if you want to see more childhood photos of the birthday girl you can do that here. She loves it when I post those […]

  4. Herb says:

    Tell your beautiful daughter happy birthday. Sorry to have missed your family as they grew up. 90 miles away was just too much of a barrier I guess. BTW her basketball picture sure made her look a lot like you.

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