Our Pasture

After we moved Dusty and Daisy down to “The Anderson Ranch” to join Nick and T-Bone, our little pasture was pretty much grazed down to the nubs and really needed some attention if we wanted it to grow any good grass for our cattle.

 We got a harrow – which looks to me like a huge piece of chain link fence – and Rick started working on loosening up the soil.

Dragging it around behind the Scout was OK, but not breaking up the soil as much as we needed.  Rick thought some added weight to the harrow would work well.

Remember that load of fence posts we hauled home from California? Turns out they work well as weight for the harrow too.   Grizzly thinks the posts are just for him to stand on.

We picked up approximately a million rocks that were on the surface and that the harrow turned up.  Unfortunately I am not even exaggerating about the number of rocks.  Rick spread lime and fertilizer, and the rain soaked it all into the soil.

We seeded it with a winter rye grass seed.

And now we have fresh new grass growing in our pasture.

Hopefully it will be ready by early December when it will be time to bring the herd home.

3 comments on “Our Pasture

  1. tj says:

    Good Luck. We have baby grass sprouted all over theplace, but it needs to be watered soon.

  2. Bruce says:

    Ask Rick if he could do that to my backyard!!

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