NOT Suggestions!

A quilting friend of mine sent me these pictures.  I’m sure you get this kind of thing forwarded to you too.  Usually I just delete them, but some of these were so amazing I just had to share.  Please note gentlemen these are NOT suggestions.  I’m pretty sure most of them could cause serious injury, if not death.  I know I’d kill anyone who rode his motorcycle in my house

What possible scenario could have led anyone to think “this is a good idea!”


I love how the crane or hoist or whatever that thing is holding up the mower is so close to the power lines. 

I think this guy lives in Marblemount.

MMMmmm Good!  Doesn’t that whet your appetite?

Women live longer than men 2

I hope he has good life insurance.

Women live longer than men 5

Young or old it doesn’t seem to matter.

Women live longer than men 10

I don’t see any potential for problems here do you?

Women live longer than men 24

I wonder if he could have hit the truck if he was aiming for it?     

And last my very favorite one:

I wonder what – or who – he is shooting at?  I’m sure we all noticed the one common theme in each picture?  Well, actually more than one – let’s see, really bad judgement, disregard for personal  and public safety, etc.  More importantly though (and this perhaps explains the rest) they were ALL MEN!  Do you think this type of behavior could be the reason women live longer?

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