Bear in the Woods

Since we have the dogs we don’t see as much wildlife near the house as we used to.  BC (before canines) we often watched the deer feed in the evenings and saw bear fairly often – usually just darting across the clearing to get back into the woods.  With Molly and Grizzly on patrol the wild animals have learned to stay away from the house and yard and sometimes you kind of forget they are out there.  The other day when we were out in the woods looking for mushrooms, we were reminded as we came upon some recent signs of bear.  This woods area is one of my favorite places here; the tree canopy doesn’t allow any direct sunlight to penetrate and the forest floor is covered with moss. It is really beautiful and peaceful – and it grows wonderful mushrooms.

The bear(s) found this dead tree and opened it up quite well.

After splitting firewood, I can tell you that sometimes when you crack open a piece of wood all kinds of grubs and worms and creepy crawly things come out of the holes inside.

I’m guessing that is what the bear(s) are after in the tree?  Doesn’t really seem to me like a few worms and creepy crawlies are enough nourishment to sustain a big bear – but I guess that is why they eat berries and salmon too.

Of course our canine companions were with us mushrooming.  They love to chase each other in the woods.  Grizzly is so fast he’s just a blur! Not.

We also found a downed cedar log that the bear(s) had been into.

One comment on “Bear in the Woods

  1. GunDiva says:

    Those pictures are amazing! I’ve never seen ground so well covered by moss. We don’t get much of that in our forests.

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