The Hunt is On

Autumn has definitely arrived here.  The leaves have started to show their beautiful fall colors and the air is crisp and clear.  Fall means, among other things, it is also mushroom season again, so we went out the other day searching for chanterelles. Before you can really effectively hunt for mushrooms you must have your mushroom stick.  The stick is helpful when climbing over stumps and logs and to move leaves and low hanging branches out of your way and generally poke around in places you don’t want to put your hand.

Larry and Karla – previous owners of AAR – very generously showed us where the mushrooms grow here and left us mushroom sticks, which I believe are old ski poles.  Unfortunately they are not in as good a condition as Larry and Karla left them because we had puppies who grew into dogs and they chewed on anything they could find.  Hopefully they have now outgrown this chewing, but our mushroom sticks are a little worse for it.

With your mushroom stick in hand and a bag to gather your mushrooms you are ready to begin the hunt.  So now we’ll have a little “Can you find the mushroom?” game.  Sort of like Where’s Waldo?  I promise there are chanterelle mushrooms in this picture; actually three or four.

Did you spot them?  The mushrooms we find most commonly this time of year are the golden chanterelle; almost exactly the same color as the fallen maple leaves.  This is yet another confirmation to me of a divine creator – if the natural world was left to chance those mushrooms would be pink or blue or green or who knows what color.  Anyway, back to spotting the mushrooms, I’ll give you a clue.  Look along the mushroom stick.

Now do you find them?  See how tricky it can be to spot the mushrooms?  Sometimes you step on them without even seeing them as they blend in so well with the leaves.  Here’s a closer look.

Now you see them right?  Wonderful, expensive to buy, delicious to taste chanterelle mushrooms.

 We went around to all the sites where we have found the chanterelles  growing before and were rewarded with two bags full.  The chanterelle’s grow in different locations from the spring morels, and luckily most of them are not on the edges of our property so we don’t have as many issues with trespassers stealing them.  I really hate it when people come onto our property illegally and steal our mushrooms!

I sautéed some fresh for cream of mushroom soup and dried the rest to use later.

5 comments on “The Hunt is On

  1. Tj says:

    Mark found them. Aha. I am still afraid to go mushroom hunting. I have been told that some might bite.

  2. Brenda says:

    That Mark still has a good eye!

    I wouldn’t eat mushrooms I found out in the wild either without our friends having showed us EXACTLY which ones were the good ones – and having them make us cream of mushroom soup with the ones we found which was wonderful! There are probably 20 other types of mushrooms we have seen growing here, and according to this little mushroom book I have most of them are probably edible, but we stay far away from them – just in case 😉

  3. GunDiva says:

    My husband would kill to get his ands on those mushrooms!

  4. Bruce says:

    Dude! Shrooms!!!!! 😉

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