Man’s Best Friends

I haven’t commented much about our two dogs lately; but that doesn’t mean they aren’t involved.  Pretty much whatever we are doing, Molly and Grizzly are here (and often in the way).

They are an affectionate pair and I don’t think it has ever occurred to either of them that we might have anything more important to do than pet them.  Grizzly in particular is convinced that he should be at the center of anything that is happening – no matter what you might be trying to accomplish.

When he can’t be directly involved in whatever is going on, Grizzly has the uncanny knack of always being in the way.  Sitting in the hay you are trying to rake up.

Sitting in the gravel you are trying to spread.

In the doorway you need to walk through – he is consistent.

Grizzly is also pretty sure that any visitors who arrive must have come expressly to see and pet him, and he will be glad to help out by climbing in their lap.

I would like to point out that he is WAY too big to be a lap dog and I don’t let him climb on me – others however have reinforced his bad habits. Without casting negative aspersions on Grizzly’s intellect, let me say that Molly is definitely the brains of the operation.  She is a lot faster than Grizz too and I think she enjoys outrunning him every chance she gets just to remind him.  The only time he could outpace her was just before she gave birth to the ten puppies; but she has long since regained her form and is lean and fit.

Molly is a sweet-natured and very affectionate dog, but she is willing to be petted without climbing all over you.

When we are not entertaining enough to suit them they play and growl and wrestle together.

After they wear themselves out they take a nap on their bed on the porch.  Last fall when the weather started turning cold I felt sorry for them and convinced Rick to help me build a dog bed on the porch for them.  They already had their insulated doghouse, but they only go in there at night, so they needed a warm spot during the day.  Not fancy, but a warm, insulated bed with a soft blanket on top.  You would think they’d appreciate it?

This is what their nice dog bed looked like after they had chewed up the cover – the second one.  I’m hoping they have outgrown that urge to chew up everything and have plans to put one more nice warm blanket down for them.  If they chew that one off, they are on their own.

3 comments on “Man’s Best Friends

  1. Tj says:

    Cute. Cute. We have a lap dog too. Ours looks a little taller than yours, skinnier though. LOL>

  2. ml says:

    Well, that’s one way to wash behind your ears!

  3. Bruce says:

    Great pictures!

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