Does Anybody Know. . .

. . .what these pink flowers are?  I recognize the cute little Johnny Jump Ups and the ugly orange Nasturtiums.

I planted the pink ones from seed too and very carefully stuck the empty seed packet in the ground right next to them for identification.  I planted several new varieties of flowers to see which ones I liked and did well in our climate.

I had very good intentions of going back with my plastic tags and permanent marker to write down the names of the flowers.

But you know what they say about good intentions.  The permanent marking did not get done – and these flowers grew well and are an acceptable color.

After watering the flowers for months that little seed packet looks like what happens when you leave paper in your pocket and wash and dry the pants.  It is a blob.  So – anybody know what the pink flowers are?

3 comments on “Does Anybody Know. . .

  1. Tj says:

    They are gorgeous, all of them, that is all I know.

  2. ml says:

    It’s hard to tell without actually being there, but they look like Clarkia. Balsam is another choice, but their flowers are double. Nemesia is also a possibility. Whatever they are your garden is very pretty.

  3. Brenda says:

    Nemesia sound right – thanks! I planted about 6 – 8 new ones so none of these looks familiar to me. Now hopefully I can recognize the two others that haven’t bloomed yet 😉

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