Check, Check

Lest you think we are spending all our time peacefully tending our garden (when we aren’t chasing cattle), here are a couple of the projects we have been working on lately.  We cleaned out the weeds and grass that threatened to take over our berries, then put down cardboard on the walkways.

Rick used our favorite neighbor Melanie’s (I always say Roger so I figure Melanie needs equal time) tractor to scoop and dump the gravel.

We smoothed it all up and it makes a really nice walkway – and best of all – no more weeds!  So on to the next project.  We needed to tie in the water line that we put under the berries when we dug that hole last year.  You can see the line sticking out below.

So, once again we used our favorite neighbor Melanie’s tractor; this time the backhoe part.

Rick had to dig very carefully to expose the water line next to the existing hose bib.  Some people have actually broken water lines when digging with a backhoe.  This is not good for many reasons; it makes a huge mess, usually including lots of mud in the hole you have to work in, it is very inconvenient as the water to your house usually has to be turned off to make the repair, and if you have to call in the professionals, it is expensive (I am actually quite OK with that part 🙂 ), and it is embarrassing to have to admit you dug into and broke your own water line.

Rick of course is a professional, so we had none of those worries.  What we do have are rocks.

Lots and lots of rocks – including some really big ones.

Though we have found rocks in every single hole we have dug around here, it still surprises me how many there are.  Eventually we got the ditch dug to the proper depth, extended the line, then put those rocks to good use covering up the line.  I have noticed a pattern here; if you are not the skilled one working on the project you are the one moving rocks.

So Rick put in the new fittings and hooked up the hose bib Karla and Larry generously left for us.

Since the ground freezes here and would also freeze standard hose bibs  – the kind everyone in Southern California has – here you use the freeze proof type.  It has a little drain at the bottom.

While Rick was installing the hose bibs and connections, guess who was covering up the rest of the line with rocks?

Yep, you guessed it, it was me.  I have got to learn some new skills!  After protecting the line with the rocks, Rick used the bucket to backfill the ditch.

We took out the rocks near the top of the hole so we could smooth it up and re-seed the grass.

All those rocks went to a good cause though.  Another neighbor is putting in a terrace using natural stone, so we saved the flat ones for her.  Grizzly is standing guard.

So there you have it – two more projects checked off our “to do” list.  Now we only 50 more to go.

3 comments on “Check, Check

  1. Tj says:

    Love the sign. I was noticing it in the background and was hoping you would show a close up. We have got to put that on our to do list. It will be fun to have extra boards and guest can add their place to it. Ok, noticed the water line. Great job on placing the rocks, but if you ever have to get back to it, you will have a lot of rocks to move. LOL> We are inspired by all you guys do. Keep up the good work, and when you finish there, come here.

  2. Brenda says:

    I like the sign post too! It was actually one end of a clothes line that had been removed and an eyesore, so I decided to decorate it with place and mileage signs. I have a couple of more that I need to add – I didn’t think of having the guests do their own, good idea!
    We will never finish all our projects here so you guys are on your own :0

  3. Michael says:

    All of those wild berries sound wonderful. The cobblers and jelly you can make from those berries sound even better. I love berries. We had a wonderful blackberry season this year in Indiana. It is now over, but we were able to freeze plenty for later use!!!

    It looks like you have been busy on the ranch. I really like your sign post idea. Very Creative!!

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