False Advertising

I like growing flowers, and I have planted many different varieties.  The hydrangea above came back and bloomed again this year even though the puppies (remember the ten puppies?) chewed it to a stub last winter.  The cosmos below grew to over six feet tall.

These tough little pansies came up on their own between the rocks.

This rhododendron (Washington’s state flower) was planted by Karla and Larry – previous owners of AAR.

Miniature daffodils with violas – very cute!

I can’t take credit for the wildflowers – they grow wild as their name implies.  The foxgloves are very stately and elegant.

Dutch iris, more cosmos, petunias and a little pink flower I forgot the name of in an old milk can.

I planted these Johnny Jump Ups from seed in June – they are Rick’s favorite flowers – and they have just started blooming the past few days.

I love these Blenda tulips and hope to plant more this fall.


You may have noticed a pattern to the flowers I plant; pinks, white, blues, lavender, purple, some yellows but no reds and NO ORANGE.  Everyone has their own little idiosyncracies and this is one of mine.  No ORANGE flowers.  I have no place in my color palette or garden for ORANGE flowers of any kind (also no brown flowers – but if you ask me brown flowers are so completely ugly they cannot really be considered a valid flower; they are already dead they just don’t know it.)

I don’t dislike all things ORANGE.  I like pumpkins and autumn is one of my favorite times of the year with all the beautiful colors of the falling leaves.  I just don’t like ORANGE flowers. These asters are a lovely mix of colors I like.

So, knowing my antipathy for ORANGE flowers, you can imagine my horror when the lovely nasturtiums I planted started blooming.  This was how they looked on the seed packet – I was graciously allowing them into my garden in spite of the touches of peach on the petals because they were supposed to be edible as well as attract beneficials to the garden.

This is what is growing in my garden.

ORANGE flowers! Unbelievable!  And several shades of ORANGE to make it even worse.

This is not what was on the seed packet!  Where do I go to trade in these flowers for some in an acceptable color?  I am happy that they grew so well from seed; obviously our soil is getting a lot better with all the organic amendments we have been adding.  That chicken compost is good stuff – but really – ORANGE??  If it were a small area, I would have just yanked them out.  Unfortunately, I planted them in three different places in my new flower garden.

If I took them all out I would have a lot of bare ground and after much consideration I have decided that bare ground would be even worse than ORANGE, but it was close.  I have decided to exercise maturity, great restraint and self-control and not pull those ORANGE flowers out by their roots.

This has really been my first experience with growing flowers from seed and I have learned an important lesson.  You cannot always trust the picture on the front of the seed packet!  You could go to all the trouble of preparing your soil, planting the seed and carefully tending to the seedlings, weeding, fertilizing and nurturing the young plants and waiting patiently for them to mature and then . . . end up with ORANGE flowers.  Ugh.

I’m just going to pretend they are pink.

9 comments on “False Advertising

  1. Tj says:

    I love orange flowers and yours are edible. What could be better? You guys are really creating a lovely place. I am envious and I also know how much work you must be putting in. Pat yourself on the back.

    • Brenda says:

      The flowers are edible – they actually taste very good in a salad. Kind of peppery (is that a word?)

      We are happy with the projects we’ve completed so far, we just wish the list of all the ones we have left wasn’t so long 🙂

  2. ml says:

    I must admit that I have grown lots and lots of flowers from seed and never had them come up a different color from that pictured on the package and while the only orange I really tolerate is Ca. poppies I do like your nasturtiams (sp). Now, maybe you understand that the iris I gave you were not supposed to be brown either. Pretty flower garden!

    • Brenda says:

      All the other seeds I planted came up exactly as the picture showed – I guess this was just a bad day at the seed company.
      I threw some wildflower mix seed on a little hillside Rick cleared when we were putting in the road back to the shed and there were some poppies in it. The soil there is so bad only about six flowers came up out of the three packets of seed I spread out.

  3. ml says:

    ok, nasturtiums – we called them “nasty terms”

  4. Tj says:

    If you eat them as quickly as they bloom you will solve the visual color balance problem… How about food coloring in their water? Pink sunglasses? mark

  5. Meg says:

    You make my Aggie heart proud! Orange is a horrid color!

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