A New Discovery

After subjecting you to the horrors of dead vermin, I thought a few pictures of a beautiful scene would cleanse the palate so to speak.  One of the most enjoyable things about moving to a new location is exploring the local flora and fauna.  The terrain and climate here is so different from what we are used to; I still can’t believe all the water.  Creeks, rivers and lakes are everywhere.   Our latest discovery is Lake Shannon, which is only about a mile above the town of Concrete.

We went down to Concrete to do a few errands.  Since we had heard that the lake is just a short distance from town and we weren’t in a hurry, we decided to take a look.  It was so serene and quiet on this lovely, warm Wednesday afternoon.  We only saw a couple of boats in the distance.

The snow-capped mountains in the background with the lake and trees below was a very picturesque detour on our way to the grocery store.

2 comments on “A New Discovery

  1. Tj says:

    Amazing! It looks like paradise.

  2. Bruce says:

    Much much better thank you for the beautiful pictures!

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