Mouse Trap

We have had way too many mice this spring and summer;  especially in the shed where the dog food, chicken food, cattle treats and other tantalizing mouse delicacies are stored.  Though all the feed is in metal trash cans they still are in there nibbling on whatever they can find.  We didn’t want to use poison on them since some other critter would probably eat their poisoned dead bodies and that would not be good.  We aren’t the only ones around here with mice problems either.  Our neighbor Marjorie had mice and showed us her mouse trap.

Doesn’t look like any mouse trap I’ve ever seen, but she said it works great and with no poison.  Hers was made with a 5 gallon bucket, which I didn’t have so, I hauled out my empty detergent buckets.  I don’t want to name any names, but someone here was not too confident in this mouse trap.  In fact, Rick I mean he said it would never work and only helped me poke holes in the bucket to keep me from using his tools.   I loaded the empty can with peanut butter just like Marjorie said, made sure the can was spinning freely added the water and put the contraption in the shed.  I had to put it up on a chair so the dogs wouldn’t lick all the peanut butter.  And guess what?

It worked!  We have had little dead mice in there almost every day.  We scoop them out with a gardening trowel and toss them into the woods.  I stopped counting when we had caught a dozen – kind of tells you how many mice were running around doesn’t it?

The record is three mice in one night – and I haven’t even added any new peanut butter.  Very efficient I must say, not high-tech, but it works great.  And the mouse population in our shed is definitely down.

13 comments on “Mouse Trap

  1. Tj says:

    Super. I knew it would work too.

  2. Bruce says:

    Okay thats was funny until you scroll down and see the dead mice in the bottom! Ask Tracey about our mouse in our first house and the mouse trap!

    • Brenda says:

      I think the mice being dead is the best part! No question if they are going to be revived and try to scamper off, when they are floating it is a good sign that they are totally gone. I found a semi-dead one once years ago and that was scary for me and the mouse. I assume Tracey had the same type of experience?

      • Bruce says:

        We had a bunch of girls over one weekend for a G.A. party and a mouse ran into the house. We had all kinds of gadgets to try to kill it. Long story short…I went and bought the tradition snap mouse trap and caught it. Tracey asked, “How are we going to get it out of the trap?” My response, we are going to throw away the mouse and the .99cent trap!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brother says:

    Now that is cool…I only wish JJ would be so bold. ha ha

  4. ml says:

    We could have used your trap at the cabin this last weekend – I looked under the kitchen sink and discovered that a mouse had eaten nearly a whole bar of Ivory soap leaving only part of the wrapper and the word Ivory on a small lump. Riah brought it home to show Margaret. We looked all over to find a mouse blowing bubbles from either end, but couldn’t find him.

  5. Marschell says:

    Low technology but so efficient, i have a yorkie, poison is out of the question, conventional mouse traps can hurt a cat or small dog’s snoute trying to sniff on it, thus your solution is super, thx people this is really clever…

    • Brenda says:

      Thanks! I’m glad it is helpful to you. I wish I could take credit for the design but that was someone much smarter than I am. I just copied. We’ve been using them for years now and they work great. The worst thing that has ever happened is the dog licked off all the peanut butter so we had to “reload” – oh well!

    • ladylabella says:

      I’m surprised your yorkie doesn’t hunt them down. That is one of their traditional uses. My yorkies are all better mousers than the cats. My female Pixie got her first kill at only 12 weeks old.. It was a baby cricket that got into the house and she hunted it down, killed it and brought it to me to show me what a good girls she was.
      She turned into an awesome bug killer, especially when we had rain and giant cockroaches would get into the house, Gawd I hate those things!!! And when the weather turned and the first mouse moved in, she killed it before I even knew we HAD a mouse, lol.
      Between Pixie and Sabre, we only have one mouse, who is a sneaky bugger who has found the ONE place the dogs can’t get into.. being as small as they are, there aren’t that many places, lolol.

      • Brenda says:

        Your Yorkie sounds like a great mouser! Unfortunately our Heelers – also known as Australian Cattle Dogs – don’t care much about mice.

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  7. David Cody says:

    On the mouse trap using a 5 gallon bucket is the wire that spans the inside stationary and only the container moves? Thanks

    Dave Cody

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