Chainsaw Carving

Rick and I attended our local 4th of July weekend festivities in a little town downriver from us.

We weren’t entirely sure what a Loggerodeo was, but decided to check it out.  With our area’s history in logging and timber, the chainsaw carving was a popular event.  Due to my healthy sense of self-preservation, I have never used a chainsaw in my life.  I’m sure if I did a few parts of me would probably be maimed or missing.  But I have seen a chainsaw used.  Nephew Nick used one to cut down trees a couple of years ago.

After cutting and splitting we got a very nice looking wood pile.

So when I read chainsaw carving, I pictured big logs with rough hunks sawed out.  The first day we stopped by there were cedar logs of all shapes and sizes.

Forms were beginning to take shape in the cedar at the hands – and saws – of some very skilled craftsmen.

We went back two days later and were able to see the almost completely finished pieces.  I was amazed at the detail.  Is it me or do these two look a lot alike?

Eagles were a popular subject; our area has one of the largest concentrations of bald eagles in the lower 48 so it seemed like a natural.  Here it is on Thursday:

The almost completed piece on Saturday.

The skill level and detail achieved – with a chainsaw- on some of these large pieces was amazing.

Even if they chose the same subject, each artist had his own interpretation.

Even the very young were interested in watching the pieces take shape.

Or was he eyeing the chain saws?

In addition to the large pieces they were working on for the competition, most of the carvers had other pieces for display and sale.  Bears were popular.

There were also some smaller pieces.

If it could be carved out of cedar, it was.  And the smell of all that freshly cut cedar was wonderful!

Benches were popular too.  No screws or nails needed, the pieces slide into place.

Here are the cuts for the bench.

This one was my favorite.  I love that the natural shape of the wood is part of the design.

I was impressed with the skill and artistry of all the carvers.  This piece though was the grand prize winner in my opinion.  To take raw slabs of wood. . .

 . . . stack them up side-by-side . . .

 . .  and attach them with pegs . . .

 . . . and carve with a chainsaw a beautiful scene

. . . really impressive.

One comment on “Chainsaw Carving

  1. Tj says:

    that is beautiful stuff.

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