Amelia: The Adventure Continues

For those of you lamenting the loss of freedom for Amelia the adventuring chicken, good news.  While clipping her wings (actually only the feathers on one wing)  has limited her flying ability somewhat, she still manages to get where she is not supposed to go – frequently.  First it was on the other side of the little chicken fence which is only about 3 feet tall.  In the middle of this small yard is a rock box.

Some day, when all our other projects are complete and we have lots of spare time on our hands, I am planning to put a few of our many river rocks on the face of the posts holding up the porch.  So I have started collecting the flat rocks I find and saving them in the rock box.  Amelia found the rock box in the fenced off section of the chicken yard.  She liked it so much she decided to stay and lay her eggs there.

Unfortunately rocks are not a very soft bedding material and the egg did not fare too well.

We didn’t notice that evening when closing up the coop that Amelia was AWOL so she spent the night in the rock box.  It didn’t seem to bother her too much.  A day or two after her rock box adventure, she got into the strawberry and asparagus beds – again.

I have truly been enjoying my first crop of home-grown asparagus.  I planted the root crowns last year and resisted the temptation to cut the new shoots all summer so they would grow healthy, strong roots.  I carefully covered them in the fall with a chicken compost mixture and waited patiently through the winter until the new shoots emerged in the spring.  At last they are finally big enough to harvest and they taste wonderful.  I also planted some new crowns this year, so next year I will have an even bigger crop of asparagus.   Then Amelia flew into the area.

Amelia, in her never-ending quest for worms and bugs, dug up my new asparagus crowns.  The ones that were just starting to take root and send up new shoots.  Luckily Amelia does not care for the taste of asparagus, she just digs them up.  I carefully re-planted my asparagus crowns and hope that they will not suffer too much from having been planted and dug up, planted and dug up and planted again.   Amelia also ventured into the strawberry bed.

Apparently Amelia does like the taste of strawberries; especially the very first one just turning ripe.  This reminds me of a book I used to read my kids years ago when they were little  ‘ The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear”  only we will have to change it to “The Red Ripe Strawberry and Amelia the Wandering Chicken.”  Either way however, the ripe strawberry is gone.  The very fist one of the season!  To keep Amelia contained it seems more drastic measures are called for.

We put Amelia (and a friend) in the dog run!  The way-too- tall grass in there really needs to be mowed (or eaten) down and Amelia needs fresh grass and a very tall fence to keep her in so it seems like a great solution.

Amelia seemed to enjoy her new surroundings.  The other chickens we put in with her clucked and fussed and squawked their protests all day, but not Amelia.

She made herself right at home and laid her egg in the wood shavings inside of the dog house.  Now, if we could just figure out an easy way to get her inside the dog run every day everyone would be happy.  We really do have other things to do than chase Amelia out of the garden and back into the orchard with the other chickens.  It is a good thing for her that she continues to lay her daily egg or she might end up  like Bernardette  Bernard.  In the frying pan.  I haven’t given up that option.

6 comments on “Amelia: The Adventure Continues

  1. tj says:

    I think she might like to be relocated. She is adorable. Just my kind of bird. Of course, she would probably get eaten as I am not as diligent as you guys on housing at night. Cute stories. Write a kid’s book about her and let your fans come meet her. LOL.

  2. The Nick Dude says:

    So if I remember correctly the dog house roof is a bear to take off, Right? That said, how did you get the eggs out of the dog house? That’s a very small opening.

  3. Brenda says:

    TJ you are welcome to relocate Amelia to your house; we chased her out of the asparagus twice today. I think I have now re-planted some of those crowns five times. I am not happy with that chicken.

    Nick you are correct the dog house door is small and we would have to tear apart the whole dog house to get the roof off. Fortunately, Amelia laid her egg near the door so Rick could reach it; the only considerate thing she has done lately. Did I mention I am not happy with that chicken?

  4. Michael says:

    It sounds to me that Amelia has become the menace of the ranch. Maybe you could write a comic strip called “Amelia the Menace” instead of “Denise the Menace”. Rick and Brenda could play the parts of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. The only thing different is that I think Amelia is to Brenda as Denise was to Mr. Wilson. If I recall, Mrs. Wilson was always sticking up for Denise. I don’t think we are going to see Brenda sticking up for Amelia in the comic strip. Maybe Rick could take on that role??? Poor Amelia, maybe her antics are just misunderstood (Ha! Ha!) Actually I have heard that fried chicken and asparagus make a great meal!!

    • Brenda says:

      I think if a comic is written about Amelia it would be “From Feathers to the Frying Pan” or maybe “The Little Chicken Who Got Out Once Too Often.” Actually, she has stayed where she is supposed to be the past few days, so maybe more drastic measures won’t be required?

  5. […] up (or just enjoy again) Amelia’s story here  and her adventure continues  and there is  even more Amelia here .  Amelia has had a pretty interesting life for a chicken. She is up to her wandering ways again. […]

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