Good Timing

We had a really mild El Nino winter.  Spring has been another story entirely.  In the past two days (the two days when we were trying to get the cattle shed finished before Dusty the heifer gave birth to her first calf) we have had two and a half inches of rain, hail and snow.  Neither the hail or the snow stuck around long, but still – in May?   

The mountains around us, which had no snow in January or February are dusted with white – again.  And the pass above us going over the Cascades was closed due to avalanches – again. 

What happened to spring?  We did manage to dodge the hail and snow long enough to get the roof of the shed sheeted.  And, no I did not fall off the slippery roof into the cow patties this time either.  Rick was on the terra firma cutting the sheets of OSB while I screwed them into place on the roof. 

I noticed that every time a rain shower came through he – and the cattle – were under the roof in the shed.  Who says chivalry is dead?  We did finally get it all sheeted; when it dries we can put down the felt paper and metal roofing. 

And the low last night was 34 degrees.  Thank goodness I have learned to listen to the local gardeners here who say not to plant your garden until at least Memorial Day.  If I had followed my southern California planting schedule, everything would have been very cold if not dead.  My seedlings were very happy nestled among the greens under the greenhouse tent on the fence.


The rest of the seedlings (I’m trying to start all my own plants from seed this year) are still inside the shed under the lights. 

So, if and when it ever warms up I will have seedlings ready to plant.

All our scrambling around to get the shed finished was worth it, because Dusty had her calf  – a heifer – right on schedule May 6th. 


May 6th turned out to be a beautiful, warm sunny day.  Mother and baby both enjoyed a long nap in the warm sunshine.  Thank goodness she didn’t calf even one day sooner, or the new baby would have been born to cold rain and snow. 

The new little heifer weighs around 40 – 45 pounds, and we have decided to name her Daisy.  She and her mom are both doing well.

2 comments on “Good Timing

  1. tj says:

    Yay. I guessed right. I really should get the heifer I think. LOL. JK. Hey, we had frost two nights ago as well. Your starts look great. will post mine and you can laugh.

  2. Brenda says:

    Yes, you were correct! But you do not win the calf; instead you win a fence post of your choice and you can install it yourself 🙂 Who wouldn’t want that great prize?

    You should have seen my seedlings last year – they were so pitiful I couldn’t even plant them, I just threw them in the compost pile. They look a lot better this year.

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