Happy Cows

We’ve been working hard on getting more pasture ready for the cattle.  Since it will probably take months – if not years –  for us to get the lower pasture fenced in barbed wire (Rick doesn’t have a very enthusiastic fencing helper) and the grass is lush and ready to be grazed, we decided to use an electric fence down there.  The cattle are already used to that from Lazy G, so we bought a solar charger and some electric fencing.  Grizzly and Molly like the new pasture too.


We made a chute for the cattle to get down to the pasture, and they made it down the hill with no problem.  The trio were very excited to have lush new grass, and it was a lot harder to get them back up the hill at the end of the day. 

Meanwhile, we are still working on the cattle shed.  Nick the bull is very curious about anything going on in his domain. 


Since we are “gentlemen ranchers” (a phrase I shamelessly stole from Tj when she explained that it meant you could sleep late and take care of your critters at a leisurely pace), we figure our cattle are probably gentlemen cattle as well.  This means they would appreciate a shelter.  I see cattle around here that are out in the rain and snow all the time, but I bet they would like a shelter if someone provided it.  Nick the bull is curious about the type of materials we are using to create this shed.


We are really most concerned with having a dry enclosed place for Dusty and her new calf, who is expected any day.  So we dodged rain showers and hail today and got a temporary roof on the shed and some straw down for bedding. 

Nick the bull does not seem to understand that the shed is actually for Dusty, he made himself right at home with her. 

About an hour after I took this picture it started raining hard again.  We had over an inch of rain last night, hail this afternoon and a few sunbreaks, one of which we took advantage of and ran to get the roof on.  Happily, even though the boards were wet and slick from all the rain, I did not fall off while screwing down the sheets of roofing.  Rick mentioned that he thought watching me slide off the roof onto the cow patty pasture would have been quite entertaining – and he wonders why I am not enthusiastic about his building projects?

4 comments on “Happy Cows

  1. tj says:

    Our cows are now jealous and need sheds, they are busily choosing building sites for you to build on.

    Nice work.

  2. M.L. says:

    I thought happy cows only came from California. Good job!

    • Brenda says:

      After seeing the feedlots in California (or anywhere else for that matter) I have to wonder how happy those cattle really are?

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