Weekend Accomplishments

I’ve just returned from a Quilting Weekend.  By popular demand I won’t go into detail about the fabrics, colors,  techniques, projects, new quilting friends, the wonderful menu or the meager amount of sleep I had.  Suffice to say I learned a lot, accomplished quite a bit and had a great time.  Lucky for you nephew Nick, no quilt pictures.  When I arrived back at the ranch, I found that Rick had made a lot of progress on the shed we (he) is building for the cattle.  

When last I saw it, our future cattle shed was a base of 4 x 6’s laying out in the field . . .

with walls framed on the ground and partially sheeted which Grizzly enjoyed sitting on.

Dodging rain showers and with the help of a neighbor and our friend John the builder, the base is squared and bolted together and the walls are standing and braced.

Nick the bull was very curious about the goings on in his pasture and came to investigate the possibility of the new structure as a scratching post.  I know he is young yet, but Nick is by far the most mellow bull I have been aquainted with.  He and the dogs are working on their relationship and he loves apple and oat treats.  Dusty the heifer is still a bit more wary, but she is getting more comfortable with us.  T Bone seems to know what is in store for him because he is the most aloof of the three.  I guess I can’t blame him.

2 comments on “Weekend Accomplishments

  1. tj says:

    Love the bull hug.

  2. margaret says:

    phoey on Nick! I want quilt pictures!

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