The Battle of Marblemount

The civil war re-enactors were camped out here in our little town this weekend.  They come up every year to re-enact a battle of “The War Between the States.”  We knew what it was when we heard all the gunfire this year – last year we were thinking about calling 9-1-1 because it sounded like we were under attack.  The Yankees are all lined up before the first shot is fired.  


On the other side the rebels were very enthusiastic.

The participants camp out in tents in a field in the center of town.  The white canvas tents are very authentic reproductions of the ones used in the civil war era – no plastic or neoprene.  On Saturday night it rained hard for a couple of hours and I was wondering how waterproof those tents were.

They all used up lots of ammo – or blanks or whatever they shoot in those kind of guns.  The rebels had a cannon that was very loud; my ears were still ringing an hour later. 

As in any war, there were casualties.  As I watched the re-enactors laying there, I couldn’t help but think about the real life men and women who are even now fighting for our freedom and those who won’t get back up when the bugle sounds.


There were lots of tourists out to see the sights.  The pass above us over the Cascades opened this week so Hwy 20 is no longer a dead-end – at least for the summer.

4 comments on “The Battle of Marblemount

  1. Tj says:

    Glad it is tourist season. Looks like a few got bagged. I know, I know, how terrible of me. I couldn’t help it.

  2. The Nick Dude says:

    I can actually say that I have seen the re-enactment in person, which really is not saying much…. I’m kidding, it was very interesting not only to see the show, but was also an eye opener to see who showed up to watch the re-enactment, and to hear what they had to say. It was truly a cultural experience… in a good way of course.

    Did the pass open this early last year? I can’t remember

  3. Brenda says:

    Definitely a cultural experience! No horses this year – I guess the calvary couldn’t make it.

    I think the pass opening is a little early this year since we had such a mild winter. Of course after they started clearing the road we had over 100 inches of new snow – on the mountain, not here! John J. drove over on Saturday and said the snow is about 8 – 10 feet deep on the sides of the road in some places.

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