The Last Post

Hooray!  At long last we have completed the fencing on our first pasture and none too soon as we are off to pick up our cattle tomorrow.  That is the good news!  The bad news is the pasture is a really small little area and we need to get to work fencing in the lower pasture which is much larger.  However, like Scarlett O’Hara – I’ll think about that another day.  Now we are celebrating this fencing being complete.  I was so excited about cementing in the last gate post I decided to decorate it with pebbles and rocks.  My version of pebble tech 🙂


I don’t believe the pebbles add to the structural integrity of the post but doesn’t it look nice?  The dogs have had a bit of an adjustment to the new fence.  They are used to roaming around wherever they want with nothing to get in their way, so this is very different for them. 

They are still really just big, playful puppies, so they soon worked out a way to use the fence as a game. 


Hopefully our new fence will keep the cattle inside – we will see.  We have been gathering our supplies for the cattle – some hay, a little sweetened grain for treats, a salt block, hopefully everything we need.  We are off tomorrow morning to pick up the trailer and then driving on down about three hours to pick up the cattle.  The route takes us right through downtown Seattle; we are hopeful you won’t hear about cattle on the loose there!   If all goes well, we should have them back here in the early evening before dark.  We will keep you posted – wish us luck!.

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