Building a Road

We are working hard to prepare for the arrival of our cattle next month.  We needed a road to be able to drive back to the pasture without all the bumps, rocks and mud holes.  We actually started working on building a road last year.   There were a bunch of scrubby little pine trees right in the way.   

Rick pulled the pines out with John’s excavator.

After it sat for over a year – you don’t want to rush these things – we finally got the road bed smoothed up and ready for gravel. 

The gravel was delivered from the gravel pit just down the road from us.  We are not the only ones around here with lots of rocks.

Six loads of gravel later, we had enough to cover the road.  Rick smoothed the gravel out with our favorite neighbor Roger’s tractor.

Grizzly helped out by sitting right in the way in the middle of the new gravel.     

We also needed to fill in a few holes along the new roadway, so we got a couple of loads of topsoil delivered too.

Hopefully we have enough dirt to fill in our holes and also to fill in the area in the orchard where we plan to plant our berries.  The poor plants have been sitting there in the pots for over a year – even so, we did get berries from them last year!

So now the road is in and we are moving on to fencing the top pasture.  I have to say all this construction is a lot easier in Farmville – just click, click and it magically appears!  For those of you who don’t do Facebook, Farmville is a silly little game where you plant crops, raise livestock etc.  all with the click of your mouse – nothing like real life.

5 comments on “Building a Road

  1. Tj says:

    So beautiful and tidy. Nice work. You really need to help us clean up our ranch.

  2. The Nick says:

    The road looks very good! Are you going to make the entire loop road graveled? Or just to the pasture? Riah is addicted to that Farmville game. Every six to eight hours she is “harvesting” her crops! It is so realistic… you don’t have to rotate your crops, don’t have to pay for fuel…that is if you have a tractor… and you don’t have to irrigate… Very realistic indeed!! I do not see why people are so entertained with Farmville.
    Have fun with the fencing. Are you going to use some sort of mechanical advantage to get the posts in?

  3. Brenda says:

    We would love to gravel the whole loop road, and if we win the lottery we will get right on that 🙂

    About Farmville – of course it is not realistic! If we wanted reality we would just deal with real life, fantasy is the point here.

    If by mechanical advantage you mean the rock pick and my trusty margarine cup, yep – that’s what we’re using. We have one section of the fence all the way up, all five strands. We are still looking for volunteer labor, and the chicken coop is available 😉

  4. The Nick says:

    I see where I rate… The chicken coop… Last time I was allowed to stay in the spare room.

    If I win the lotto I will volunteer all my time to whatever needs to be done around your ranch.

    • Brenda says:

      What was I thinking?? Of course if you are helping with fencing you can stay in the guest room!

      I keep thinking I might get lucky and win the lottery someday – except for the part about how you have to buy tickets. I’m way too cheap to spend money on lottery tickets, so I guess winning is not very likely.

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