Puppies – The Saga Continues

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while know that our dogs, Molly and Grizzly, had puppies in October.  


The puppies were quite a surprise – especially ten of them, but nevertheless adorable.


One of them, we called him #6 because he was the 6th one born, had a little birthmark on his head.

When we last saw the puppies at Christmas they were little 8 week old fluff balls who loved to be cuddled. These two, Cinnamon and #6 were adopted to their new family together.


The little ones had just started exploring outside, and Molly had finally let Grizzly close enough to play with them.  Cinnamon is enjoying getting to know Dad.

We found wonderful homes for all ten of the puppies and they were off on their new adventure with their new families.  One of the families who bought two of the puppies – Cinnamon and #6 – is our neighbor’s daughter.  They have recently moved back home for a while – so we get to visit with two of the puppies.     

#6 – now Jake and Cinnamon – now Leela have grown so much and are so big!  They are four months old now.  Their new owners are really spending a lot of time working with them and training them and they are doing really well.  Here Rick is trying to reinforce the training they have had.  


Jake is a big handsome dog now; just a little trace of his birthmark is still visible on the top of his head.  He has the very distinctive blue heeler markings.  He weighs 26 pounds now and is a very playful eager-to-please dog.


The little puppy I called Cinnamon is now Leela.  She is still a petite little thing – only 19 pounds now.

She has retained her red heeler color.  Grizzly’s father was a red heeler and the markings have passed on to her.  She is very smart and athletic and can outjump Jake.

They are good companions for each other and their owners.  They love to play and wrestle with each other which reminds me a lot of their parents.

It has been an unexpected surprise to get to see the puppies again and watch them grow up.

We are planning to get them together with Molly and Grizzly.  It will be interesting to see if they remember each other and what kind of interaction they have.

5 comments on “Puppies – The Saga Continues

  1. Shawntel says:

    Ten puppies?!?! That’s insane. But they’re beautiful. I’m glad you were able to find good homes for them. Getting to see the “growing up” dogs is quite a treat.

  2. Tj says:

    OHhh. heartstrings being played here

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi Brenda!

    I stumbled across your photo of #6/Jake on Google images, and my husband and I have been in awe since. He looks JUST like our Layla. Please send me your email address. You have to see a photo of ours. It’s uncanny!

    Merritt and Ashley in Georgia

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