Country Cousins

We took a drive down the coast of California and saw some beautiful sights; along the way we stopped to visit Rick’s cousin Mark and his wife Tammie at their ranch in northern California.  We had been meaning to stop by and visit for some time, but something always seemed to come up.  The last time we visited the The Ranch on Salmon Creek was in 1990 which was way too long  between visits.  

Mark and Tammie’s blog – here is the link:

was the inspiration behind ours.  We loved being able to read about what they were doing and the see pictures of their ranch and thought it would be a great way to keep our family and friends up to date on what we are doing. 

Their ranch has hills, dales and lots of streams and ponds.  Beautiful scenery wherever you look.  

The cattle  and horses are scattered over the hills which are spring green.

They all come running when they hear Tammie toot the horn on the Kubota – it’s like ringing the dinner bell.

Some of the horses Tammie says she has too many of.

I love the ponds, they are just gorgeous – wish we had one on our place!

While Tammie and I were feeding critters, Rick and Mark loaded firewood and made a delivery. 

They had an exciting time sliding the truck and trailer down the slick and muddy hillside taking a “shortcut” home.   Seems like every time those two get together in a vehicle it is an adventure – at least this time they didn’t have to walk home or use a tractor to get the vehicle out.

We were even able to pick up some posts from them that will be great for our fences; too bad they didn’t come with delivery and installation 🙂

It was great to see Mark and Tammie and have time to visit and catch up on each other’s lives.  I hope they come up and see us soon so we can return the hospitality.

4 comments on “Country Cousins

  1. Shawntel says:

    I came over from the Ranch on Salmon Creek blog, and agree that their place is beautiful. Your pictures of the ranch are amazing.

    • Brenda says:

      Always nice to hear from a new friend! We agree the ranch is beautiful, we appreciate being able to visit and see it again after many years.

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