What Do You Do Up There?

I can’t tell you how many people have asked us the question – “what do you do up there?”  We really stay quite busy with lots of different things, both on our property and in the community.  We have found that when you live in a place with as much rain as we get here (90+inches per year mostly in the winter) you need to have your list of indoor and outdoor projects and check the weather to schedule accordingly.

One of my favorite new projects is quilting.

For those of you who think quilting is about as exciting as watching grass grow, you might want to stop reading here.  For the rest of you, learning to quilt was one of those items on my list of things to do “someday when I have more time.”  Now that our nest is empty the time seemed right.

I found a class with a great instructor and a very nice group of ladies.  Some of these women have been quilting longer than I have been alive and that is a very long time.

Though I’ve sewn for many years, I’ve never quilted before and these ladies and especially our instructor, have been very patient with a beginner.  They have generously shared their experience and knowledge and I’ve learned a lot from them.  It’s also been great fun.  The pictures of the finished quilts are all creations of theirs.

The ladies in class do beautiful work and some have very ambitious and complicated projects.

My projects are much smaller in scale – I’ve started with table runners.  I enjoy selecting the colors and fabrics.  This one is for our kitchen and I wanted a vintage feel.

It’s a simple pattern that I did before in Christmas colors.

It is just the right size for our Hoosier cabinet.

Once a month there is an all day (and most of the night) quilt-a-thon.  Sort of like the old-fashioned quilting bees I suppose.  We bring in our various projects – or sometimes there is one we all work on – and spend 8, 10 or 12 hours quilting.

Quilting, even on the machine, is a labor intensive task.  You can get a lot accomplished in 12 hours of work though!

Of course it is not all work, we do have a potluck and visit a lot in between selecting, cutting, sewing and pressing.  I’ve picked up some great recipes from these ladies, they can cook as well as they sew and it has been a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

While I am at quilting class, Rick is attending his Lion’s club meetings.  He hasn’t taken any pictures so you won’t get to see them in action, just more quilts.

Rick and his fellow Lions also spend time at the tree farm the Lions have on the property that adjoins ours.  Again – no pictures.

So, among the many projects we do up here, my new favorite is quilting.  When I get this mastered (and that could take years), some of the other items on my list are to organize all the boxes of pictures and make scrapbooks for each of my children, get better at canning and gardening, and learn decorative painting.  All I need now is more time and a bigger work space!

4 comments on “What Do You Do Up There?

  1. margaret says:

    ah, you have discovered my passion! But beware, it can become quite addictive (and expensive…just ask Rod!)I am totally and utterly hooked. I changed Nick’s old room into my sewing/work room. I call it my “happy place”. Next time your home, come on over and I’ll show you around! Happy sewing!

  2. The Nick Dude says:

    Wow, Rick, you need to contribute to the blog! Quilting is cool… don’t get me wrong but, Rick, I need to see man stuff as well… Guns, cutting down trees, off-roading…. you know man stuff.

    • Brenda says:

      I couldn’t agree more Nick! I have suggested many times that Rick take some pictures and write a blog or two. Hasn’t happened yet. I guess your stuck with my quilting 😉

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