Blue Norther

The weather here the past week or so has been COLD – in the last five days the high temperature hasn’t gone above freezing.  Our low (so far) is 9 degrees.  See the black plastic tub Molly and Grizzly are standing on?

It is actually a water trough and it is completely frozen solid.

Depending on who you talk to, we are having a Nor’Easter or a Blue Norther – either way there is a lot of cold, dry air.  Not much snow in the mountains around us as it has been very dry, and the first two days were windy. The wind comes down from the Fraser Valley in Canada and it is cold.  Maybe it is called a Blue Norther because your fingers or nose or whatever part of you is out in the cold and unprotected turns blue?

Now it is just cold and icy.  In places that are shady, like here where the fence rails block the sun – the ice doesn’t melt all day.

You can see the line where the sunshine ends and the shade begins.

The puppies have not let the cold stop them from enjoying their time outside.  They have fun with anything.  Here they are chewing on my boot.

They especially enjoy shoelaces.

It has been a challenge to keep the dogs and chickens warm and watered.  The hosebib we use for the animals froze.  The first couple of cold days Rick broke the ice off the chicken water can and it was OK for them to drink.  Today, the water was frozen pretty solid so he brought the can outside to clean it.  The puppies thought it was a new toy for them.

After we broke all the ice out of the inside, we refilled it and hung it back up for the chickens.  We also ran a light bulb down close to the water to hopefully keep it from freezing.  I am really thankful that we have electricity in the shed and that the power hasn’t gone out during this cold snap.  The puppies thought it was great fun to play in the chicken coop, I don’t think the chickens really enjoyed it so much.

We have been pleased that our chickens are still laying pretty well in the cold weather.  I hung a light in the coop on a timer when the days started to get really short (it is completely dark now at 4:30 pm).  The lack of light really affects the chickens and their egg production, but with the light on for a few hours we are still getting 8 – 10 eggs a day.

The playful puppies have fun with most anything available.  Their empty dog food sack kept them entertained for quite a while.  It reminded me of Christmas morning when the kids were very little.  They would unwrap their presents and play with the wrapping paper.

They also explored the burn pile.  They are enjoying the freedom to roam around outside during the day, though they stay pretty close to the shed.

They have caught on to going inside and out with the shed door ajar.  That keeps them entertained too.

After they play outside for a while and start to shiver, one by one they go back inside the shed and pile into their warm bed with the heat lamp.

The cold weather has given us ice crystals that are really beautiful, they sparkle in the sun like diamonds. The grass is frozen and crunchy when you walk on it.  Rocks are frozen solid in the ground.

There is ice in the Cascade River.  We still see fishermen all the time, but it looks way too cold for me.

The water feels ice cold even in the summer time, it must be really cold to freeze on the rocks.

This ice formation was amazing to see – guess where it is?

On the windows of the Scout, it had completely iced over.  I guess this is what they base the “frosted glass” pattern on?

It has been cold, but it is also beautiful.  And after last year when there was snow on the ground from the middle of December until the middle of March, when people here refer to the four letter, it is s-n-o-w.

No one seems to be looking forward to it, but the weatherman says snow may be headed our way in the next few days as our cold front is moving east.  To those of you in Indiana – better bundle up!

8 comments on “Blue Norther

  1. Tj says:

    I love the scout’s frosted glass and your puppies are absolutely adorable. And no, we don’t need one. 🙂

    • Brenda says:

      Everyone seems very suspicious that we are trying to pawn our puppies off on people! Actually, we hope it doesn’t come to that – and we would certainly ask for your preference in color and gender 😉

  2. Your favorite and most loved brother says:

    Boy it sure looks cold up there but, I have good news. Al Gore says its actually warm and not to worry. So I am sorry to tell you that you are not cold and in fact you are really warm and getting warmer. Right? This global thing is really hard to understand, its like an episode from Monte Python.

    Your dogs look great.

    • Brenda says:

      Thanks for the warming info – I’ll try to remember how warm it is when I am putting on my six layers of clothing to go outside.

      I’ve sent your girls a package for Christmas, if it is squirming and barking when it arrives you might want to open the box right away 😉

  3. Your favorite and most loved brother says:

    This is JJ and if the box is squirming and barking, then it is being returned to sender! haha

    • Brenda says:

      Oh come on – what’s a couple more dogs in your house?

      Just kidding – I wouldn’t do that to you (unless I was really desperate). We have puppy ads running this weekend and we have already sold three so we probably won’t need to send them to everyone on our Christmas list 😉

  4. ml says:

    Russ asks every day if there are new pictures of the puppies – I’m glad he can’t get his hands on them. I see Al Gore has admitted he has no scientific proof that all the Artic ice is going to be gone – what a surprise. Looks beautiful, but you can have the ice.

    • Brenda says:

      The puppies are adorable. You can show Russell many more pictures in the album I set up for potential buyers to see the puppies (we have ads running this weekend). The site is: then search for the album “heelerpuppies.”

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