Growing Up

The little puppies are growing up.  It is amazing how much they have changed just in the week we were gone for Thanksgiving.  Though they still spend a lot of time sleeping . . .

. . . they also spend a lot of time playing.  They are six weeks old now and have learned to enjoy going  outside to play.

They don’t need toys to chew on- another puppy works just fine.

Their different personalities are really showing; this sweet little girl reminds me a lot of Molly.

This little black one is more curious, I think he is eyeing my gloves.

Now that they run around and play outside, Grizzly is finally allowed to play with them.  Molly still keeps a very close eye on him, and if a puppy yelps she is there to see what is going on.

Grizzly has shown the puppies all sorts of fun things to do – like climbing the compost pile.

And sliding down the pile.

The puppies also enjoy a dog pile on Dad.  It is quite a switch to see them all piling on him.  Molly is enjoying having them weaned and they have pretty much stopped following her around.

The weather here has been really cold – 17 degrees last night with a wind chill around zero.  The water freezes in the bucket in just a couple of hours.   We chipped a hole in the ice and poured fresh water on top and this little one thought that was a lot of  fun to play in.

The cold weather hasn’t stopped the puppies from enjoying their time outside.  They run and play and chase each other.

Then one by one they tire out and come over to their blanket in the sun.

And soon they are asleep again.

It has been a lot of fun watching them grow up.  We have two sold and hopefully will find new homes for all of them soon.

One comment on “Growing Up

  1. Tj says:

    Cute cute puppies. It is amazing how fast they grow.

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