New Adventures for the Puppies

The puppies are learning lots of new tricks lately.  Molly has decided it is about time to wean them.  She doesn’t lay down now for them to nurse, they just have to stand up on their back legs and try to catch her.

We have started feeding them a “puppy mush” of canned food mixed with milk.  They seem to like it. . .

. . . some of them a little more than others.

The first few feedings were pretty messy.  Here #6 is covered in his dinner.

They have also been outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine.  The sunshine has been hard to come by here the past few weeks.  We have had lots of rain – about 13 inches so far in November.  There was a little bit of clearing though and I took them all outside. They weren’t really too happy to be out there as it was still pretty cold that day and they weren’t used to that yet.

The puppies have also had visitors.  Our neighbor Rio came to see them.

He must have the magic touch because his puppy was asleep very soon.

His mom Cindy put her bandit puppy to sleep too.  After they have eaten, they are usually ready for a snooze.

The little puppies are growing and getting more mobile.  The more adventuresome ones have learned to climb – right out of their box.  Here Big Boy is stranded in the middle trying to get back in.

Since they had started climbing out, and we needed a place to feed them besides their sleeping area, we added to the puppy condo again.

Now they have a sleeping side and an eating & playing side, all with higher walls that they (hopefully) can’t climb out of anytime soon.

Molly does not mind visitors holding and playing with the puppies, we’ve had several friends visit and hold them.  Grizzly, however, is still not allowed to get too close to them.  He is very curious about the little creatures – but he is only allowed to look at them from outside the box.  He  has tried to climb into the new area with the puppies, but Molly won’t allow it.  Apparently it will be a while longer before he gets to know his offspring up close and personal.

This little one is starting to show the heeler markings more and more.  They tell us that the “red” heeler color is recessive.  Grizzly’s father was a red heeler and two of the puppies are showing those colors. Though they are called red, it looks more like a cinnamon brown color to me and she has a bit of the gray color also.

It is interesting to me that the dogs have so many different colorings with the same two parents.

They still sleep in a dog pile.

When latecomers arrive, they just climb right over the top of the ones already there.

Molly hasn’t abandoned the puppies, she still checks them carefully several times a day and cleans them if they are not up to her standards.

Some of them have become very playful, they growl, bark and pounce on each other.

They enjoy playing with each other – it’s a good thing there are lots of them to keep each other company.

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