Puppy Update

The puppies have learned to sit up and are starting to walk on all fours rather than crawl.  Their eyes are open and they are much more alert.

white sitting up

Their heeler markings are becoming more distinct.  Gray (or blue they call it, but it doesn’t look blue to me) is starting to show through the white in their fur.

 heeler markings

The one yawning here is the largest pup.  A male who has pronounced heeler markings.  #6 – the runt – is right next to him.  You can see that the little place on his head is healing nicely and now has fur.

yawning (2)

Though they are more awake and alert, they still spend a lot of time sleeping all in a pile.

white on black

Grizzly has been very curious about those little creatures, and Molly has let him a bit closer.

grizz looking a molly

He only got to meet one nose to nose though when Molly was outside.  She would not have approved.

grizz meets pup

They are all much more alert and mobile.  They have also started growling and barking – which is really hilarious.  This little one reminds me of Molly.

molly jr

It seems there is always at least one asleep on its back with the paws in the air.

asleep paws up

Since they are getting so much more mobile, Rick built them a little better box to keep them corraled in.  I wonder if the Craftsman people know their tool boxes are multi-purpose and can be used as puppy crates?  The whole gang slept through the remodel.

better fence

Eye patch (there is also an ear patch) licking his sibling  – they have just started doing that too.

eyepatch licking

So that is the latest on the puppies.  Three are now spoken for, so if you want a puppy for Christmas you need to get on the list!

upside down

2 comments on “Puppy Update

  1. Tj says:

    is eye patch spoken for? i have always wanted a pirtate puppy! Kidding. mark would strangle me.

    • Brenda says:

      Eye patch, who is a cuddly little girl, is not spoken for yet. I’m sure she would be perfect for your ranch and love having room to roam. Mark would get over it when he sees how cute she is 😉

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