Fungi and Foliage

It is chanterelle mushroom season again. We went out the other day to see how many we could find.  It was a beautiful, crisp fall day.  The leaves have started turning and the colors are very vibrant against the backdrop of the evergreens.

2 vines

 The maple leaves are my favorite.  Gold, yellow and reds.

leaves close

Most of the chanterelle mushrooms are a buttery yellow color – almost the same as the fallen leaves which makes them harder to find.

chanterelle close side

We are very careful  to only pick the two types of mushrooms we are absolutely sure are safe.  Chanterelles in the fall and morels in the spring.

chanterelle close

There are probably at least fifty types of mushrooms that grow in this area, and some folks around here eat a lot of the others.  We are not that brave, but there are some interesting looking ones.


Chanterelle’s are very popular in this region.  The grocery stores and farmer’s markets sell them fresh in season.  They even have them at Costco.

costco pic

We found quite a few chanterelles, including some of the rare white ones. Probably about four or five pounds all together.

 chanterelle on tailgate

Rinsed off and ready to chop.

before chopping

Chopped and spread on the dehydrator trays.

on trays

We enjoyed the beautiful day and have plans for the mushrooms. Fresh, homemade cream of mushroom soup mmmgoood.

vine maple

3 comments on “Fungi and Foliage

  1. ml says:

    Nevermind the mushrooms, I love the first picture you posted – gorgeous! I’m sure the mushrooms will be good too, But the fall colors are beautiful.

  2. Michael says:

    The leaves in your “neck of the woods” are looking alot like the ones back here in Indiana. The colors here this year are very bright due to the very cool, moist summer and fall that we have had this year. The mushrooms look good. The only ones that we hunt are the morels. We have been told others in our area are very good, but we continue to stick with the morels!

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