She’s 21!

Our baby is 21 years old today – it doesn’t seem possible.  I wish I had some pictures of Megan when she was a little girl to post – but alas those are all in storage at the moment.  I will have to settle for some fairly current pictures in different settings. Here she is in New York with her friend Ashley just after they graduated from high school.

w ashley chocolate

  Playing in the snow at the ranch.

megan w sled (2)

 With Brandon this summer overlooking Ross Lake.

w brandon

With Grizzly – who has been trained not to climb on people.

w grizzly

This photo also says Megan to me.  She loves shoes.  When Megan visits, you are liable to find her shoes anywhere and they will be very cute, designer shoes at that.


Here is her senior picture from high school; note the shoes.

seniorness (3)

With Brandon and Rick on the bridge over the Skagit River.

on bridge

With her Dad.

w rick

We are a little sad not to see her on her birthday – she is in Texas.  We will see her soon when we have Thanksgiving with her this year in Aggieland.  Happy Birthday Megan!

One comment on “She’s 21!

  1. Michael says:

    Happy Birthday Megan!!!! Hope you have a fun and enjoyable day!!!

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