The Scenic Route

A few weeks ago, after we dropped Megan and Brandon off at the airport in Seattle, we decided to take the scenic route home instead of our usual straight shot up I-5.  There is a lot of area around here that we have never explored.  We drove through some beautiful countryside and took a short ferry ride to Whidbey Island.  As we wandered up the island we came upon a nice sandy beach.  Several boats were just sitting out on the sand.  I assume they float when it is high tide?  I had never seen boats parked on the sand.

boat in sand

We also discovered the light house with views of Admiralty Inlet and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We’ve never lived where there were lighthouses nearby, so that was a nice surprise.  We toured the inside and climbed around and around the winding stairs to the top – what a view!


Years ago the lighthouse keeper and his family lived there. The lighthouse is not in operation anymore and is being restored.  Inside  the house are mementos of the families who lived here over the years.

Next to the lighthouse overlooking the bay are a series of World War I era gun emplacements which were part of the coastal defense system.  A coast artillery post features two 10-inch and two 3-inch historic guns on display.

gun hole and lighthouse

Here is the view of the gun emplacements looking out towards the water.

gun boxes on coast

The guns were part of Fort Casey, an army camp here that was charged with coastal defense.  The guns were never fired in battle, but there are pictures of them test firing.

guns fired

There is some interesting information about Fort Casey and its mission inside the lighthouse museum.


The guns are gone now but the bunkers remain.

gun hole

We were getting hungry by this time, so we drove into the nearby town of Coupeville, a quaint little place overlooking Penn Cove.

coupeville street

It was a beautiful, warm afternoon so we ate on the deck of this little restaurant at the end of the pier.  The building is part of the old grain wharf.  What a view!

restaurant on pier

The town is right at the water’s edge.

coupeville from water

After lunch we continued our drive over the bridge at Deception Pass.

Deception pass bridge

Then back up to Hwy 20 and towards the Cascades to our own little ranch.  A very enjoyable side trip and we learned about some new places (to us) in the area.  We should take the scenic route more often.

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