Forest Field Day

Several weeks ago Rick and I attended a Family Forest Field Day for people who own small (5-100 acre) forests.  There were many different sessions on a variety of topics with a lot of good information.  The one we enjoyed most was the demonstration of small scale logging equipment.  Before they demonstrated the equipment, the horse logging folks came over to pick up a log.

horse logging 1

The horses were beautiful and very well trained; certainly a lot of fun to watch.

horse logging 2

They did the job, but I don’t think we have logging with horses in our future.

horse logging 3

We were more interested in the log arches.

hand cart 2

A neat little contraption that Mark, the designer was demonstrating.  It allows you to maneuver the log by hand.

hand cart 1

A variation is the one you can pull with a quad, tractor, Scout etc.  You position it over the log.

mech cart 1

Attach the toggles and winch it up.

pulling cart

 A great little tool for small scale forestry work.

mech cart 2

 And away you go with your log behind you.

  pulling log

We learned a lot at the field day and have a little better idea of what we need to do with our forested acreage.  Now we just need LOTS of labor!

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