Lake Tahoe Wedding

We have just returned from a quick trip to California for the wedding of our nephew Nick and his bride Riah.  They were married about halfway up the ski run at the Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe.


Lake Tahoe is famous for its snow and skiing in the winter.

snow tram

It is also beautiful in the summer.

tahoe pic

We rode the tram  – the same one the skiers use in the winter – up to the site.


It was a gorgeous view looking back over the lake.

tram cables

Nick and Riah enjoying their chicken at the rehearsal dinner.

nick w chicken leg

The center of attention at the “wedding house,” where the family stayed for the weekend, was this cute little puppy Frank.  Frank is half heeler and half Border Collie.  His coloring reminds me of our dog Molly.

frank 2

Our nephew Doug and his girlfriend Amanda found the puppy his brother Brent had been looking for.  Doug was taking him to Bakersfield for Brent and stopped in Tahoe for the wedding.  Frank is a cutie!


Meanwhile, back at the wedding, Nick has his boutonniere attached.

nick boutonnaire

The beautiful bride Riah with her dad.

riah and dad

 Bethany, Nick’s sister, was a bridesmaid.


After the ceremony the wedding party went down a lot of steps to get a great backdrop for their pictures.  See Nick and Riah way down there among the rocks?

both in rocks

Nick decided to show off his fireman muscles and carried Riah all the way back up the many rock stairs.

carrying at bottom

All the way to the top!

nick carrying

After sitting on the rocks for a picture, Beth helps Nick dust off his backside.  A big sister’s work is never done.

nick butt

Riah and Nick dancing at the reception.  Don’t they make a lovely couple?

oval dancing

On the drive back to Bakersfield we stopped to eat at Russell’s favorite drive in, In-N-Out.  It was a long drive, but a beautiful location and wedding.  Congratulations and best wishes to Nick and Riah.

in and out

2 comments on “Lake Tahoe Wedding

  1. Tammie says:

    Pretty impressed with Nick’s muscles, but I have to add that Riah is pretty small. Congratulations to them!

  2. ml says:

    It was a beautiful wedding. Now we are waiting to see if Nick will get home from the Station Fire in time for the wedding reception on Sunday. He and some others were helicoptored in behind the fire lines on Tuesday. Brent said to tell you that Frank is Heeler and Border Collie – and he sleeps under Brent’s bed instead of in the bed he bought for him.

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