Megan and Brandon

Our daughter Megan and her boyfriend Brandon came for a visit before they started back to school.  Brandon had never been here in the summer time.  We went for a hike up to Cascade Pass and also worked on a couple of our many projects.

  putting rocks on line

The first project was putting in the water line through the orchard.

line covered w rocks

Rick had already dug the line with an excavator, so they put in the pipe then covered it with rocks.  We had plenty of those!

rocks on line close

They installed a hose bib and started filling in the long trench.

megan watching

Some people shoveled while others watched.

brandon shoveling

Rocks in the bottom and dirt on top.

line partial

Now we can plant our berries in the de-rocked dirt on top of the water line.  We wanted to make good use of our trench – in all those rocks we didn’t want to dig another one.  These are the rocks we had left over.


 Rick and Brandon also worked on digging holes for fence posts.

scout postholes

We didn’t make Brandon work all the time.  He and Megan decided to take the dogs for a walk – on a leash.  Neither of the dogs had ever been on a leash before.  Surprisingly, Grizzly caught on right away.

 grizzly and megan leash

Molly didn’t quite seem to understand the process.

brandon and molly leash

Molly just wanted Brandon to pet her.  They eventually gave up on the leash idea and just went for a walk; the dogs stay right with you that way.

  molly and brandon leash 3

We also went to the rodeo at our local fair.  Not quite the big San Antonio Rodeo Brandon is used to, but a much smaller version.

horses w flags

We toured the animal barns and Megan loved the bunnies.

 megan w bunny

We also went up Hwy. 20 to Newhalem and the dams and lakes above us on the Skagit River.

Marblemount 001

It is a beautiful view.

looking over fence

Megan and Brandon climbed down the rocks to the waterfall for a closer look.  I was content looking on from above – someone has to take the pictures.

in front of waterfall

Before they flew out of Seattle, Rick and Brandon toured the Boeing Museum of Flight while Megan and I shopped.


It is a very nice museum with lots of displays.


A last picture of Brandon at the air museum and then they were off to Aggieland to return to school.

brandon w airplane

2 comments on “Megan and Brandon

  1. Bob says:

    So Megan was with a dog and allowed it to touch her…I am so proud of her.

  2. Brenda says:

    She only allows dogs that don’t slobber to touch her – that leaves yours out 😉

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