Cascade Pass Trail

Our daughter Megan and her boyfriend Brandon were here for a summer visit before they start back to school.  Since Brandon is from Texas where there are no mountains, we decided to go for a hike and see some up close and personal.

meg and brandon at lookout

At the end of the road we live on,  about 20 miles from our house, is the Cascade Pass trailhead.  A little 3.7 mile hike didn’t seem too daunting – how hard could it be?

trail sign

As we got past the first couple of switchbacks on the trail we could see the parking lot we had just left.

just above parking lot

Though there was still snow on the glaciers, it had melted a lot from when we were here in July with Alex.

mtns w snow earlier

                                 July 1st

harsh mountain tops

                         August 17th

The trail was really good in some places.

smooth trail

Rocky in others.

rocky trail

With LOTS of switchbacks – 37 if you are counting.


Some of us did not have our happy faces on for the whole hike – even standing in front of one of the many beautiful waterfalls.

grumpy megan

We had gorgeous views.

 view through trees

We came out onto a clearing above the trees and could see the parking lot and our car way down there.

high above parking lot

It was a beautiful, sunny day for a hike. Who says it always rains here?

sunshine trail

Eventually we all did make it to the top.

the summit

Some of us were much more excited about that than others – and still had the energy to celebrate.

rick at summit

Others of us were content to sit down and enjoy the view, eat our little snack and drink the water that Brandon hauled all the way up to the top for all of us.

looking east

Rick and Brandon checked out a bit of the trail to Stehekin. . .


which is only another 28.2 miles.  Not today.

farther up stehekin trail

The views back to the west aren’t bad either.  It is certainly different to look down on a glacier.

view west

Of course no event would be complete for the Aggies without their Gig ’em sign.

gig em

Soon it was time to head back down the mountain.

down the trail

There are Megan and Brandon – little red and maroon specks way ahead of us.  Funny how they were always way ahead of us.

 far down the trail

 The light was starting to fade as we headed back down.


We saw some beautiful moss covered rocks and streams.

big rocks w water

Though it has been a hot, dry summer there is still water trickling down.

mossy stream

water and ferns

Along the trail we saw some lavender blue daisies – or at least they look like daisies to me.


We also saw these flowers.  Very bright royal blue.  I have no idea what they are.

blue flowers

And more beautiful views.

curved tree

At long last, five hours later, we all made it safely back down to the end of the trail and the parking lot.  I am certainly not an experienced hiker, but I have learned one important thing.  When the sign says 3.7 miles that is only one way – the whole trip is 7.4 miles.  Something to keep in mind for next time.  Very tired, a little (OK maybe a lot) sore but it was worth it!

2 comments on “Cascade Pass Trail

  1. The Nick Dude says:

    I’m soooo jealous!! Looks like fun! How did you convince Megan that hiking would be fun?? She MUST be in love!! See you guys very soon!!

  2. Brenda says:

    I’m not sure fun is the first word that comes to my mind . . . but it was beautiful. My toes will probably recover eventually 😉

    I think it is safe to say love had little or nothing to do with Megan’s motivation; the shopping trip in exchange for the hike is more like it. We went to the big city the day before those two flew back to Texas and spent the whole day and most of the night shopping.

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