Larry and Karla

Our friends Larry and Karla, previous owners of AAR, were here visiting for a few days.   Starting from their new home in Florida, they are on a five month trip across the country.  We so glad they were able to return to AAR and stay with us.


I think their motorhome is about the same size as our house!

 2 homes

While they were here, Larry graciously volunteered to work on a few of our (many) projects.  He worked on securing the new chicken fence which was a really tight, awkward place and it had to be done left-handed.  Luckily Larry is ambidextrous.  The chickens were very interested in what he was doing over there.

larry w chickens

Being an electrical engineer,  Larry is also really handy with wiring.  Here is a very dark picture of him wiring the new lights in the SeaTrain.  You can see why we needed to add the lights.

larry wiring seatrain

He also does ceiling fans.

ceiling fan master

Your eyes do not deceive you – Rick is actually reading the directions! I had to record that scene for posterity 😉

rick instructions

Putting the old ceiling fan into the guest room.

ceiling fan

While Larry was busy with projects, Karla was feeding us.  These are the delicious shish-kabobs she created and then grilled.

 shish kabobs

 The chickens enjoyed the leftovers.

karla feeding chickens

Karla also spent quality time with the dogs, who loved the extra attention.  Here she is with Molly.

karla and molly

Grizzly got his share of attention too.

karla and griz

 Larry and Karla celebrated their wedding anniversary while they were here.


Don’ they look cute?

Though it doesn’t look like it, we really didn’t make them work every single day.  Another day of working on the fence.  Taking a water break, watching the antics of the chickens. The hens are convinced that anytime someone comes near the fence they are going to be fed again; they get very indignant if that doesn’t happen.

 all w chickens

The guys finished the first section of fence and moved the temporary fence, so now we can use the new gate.  What an improvement!

larry and rick at fence

While Larry was holding from the inside as Rick tied up the (temporary) support, the chickens pecked so much at Larry’s feet they untied his shoelaces.

larry w chickens

We didn’t work all the time.  We also had some great meals under the gazebo.  Very fitting as Larry and Karla were the ones who designed and built the gazebo.


Megan and Brandon arrived from Texas on the last day Karla and Larry were here.  Brandon just had time for a quick tour of the motor home.

brandon in motorhome

Larry’s office away from home.

larry's computer

Larry and Karla travel with a puppy who is much better behaved than our two.


And all too soon it was time for them to head out on the next leg of their adventure.

away they go

We hope they make it back sooner next time.

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