Visit From the Horned Frog

We have been blessed with visits from many of our friends and family this spring and summer.  Our friends Don and Barbie and their daughter Katie were here for a couple of days.  It was fun to see them and have a little time to share some of our part of the world with them.

berrys on bridge

It is a little ironic that for years in Bakersfield we had a very nice guest room and bath that was hardly ever used.  Now we have a very small house with hardly any room and we have lots of guests!  I guess it IS all about location?  Don and Barbie were very adventurous and decided to sleep in the loft above the chicken coop / garden shed.


If we had known it was going to get so much use as guest quarters, we might have designed it for more than storage.  You enter by way of the ladder and trap door.  Please note we have been working on finishing the interior of the shed, the exposed insulation is not the final look.

ladder to loft

It is small and a bit low to the ground, bit it does have a great view.  Don’s air mattress lost most of  the air during the night, but other than that they survived their “rustic” quarters.  They did tell us they enjoyed watching the deer at the feeder just below them.


Katie was very generous and willing to let her parents experience the loft all by themselves; she stayed in the house in the guest room / office.   After breakfast, we all took a walk over to the river and fish hatchery.

berrys at skagit river

It was a cool, cloudy day, but still a nice view.  This is the mouth of Jordan Creek where it feeds into the Cascade River.  It is part of the spawning area just below the hatchery.

berrys at river

We have been to the hatchery several times, but it is always interesting to see the different cycles the eggs and fish are going through.  This time they were incubating rainbow trout eggs.

rainbow trouttrays

The lighter colored ones are not viable and will be washed away when they do the next rinse.


The staff at the hatchery has always been very polite and willing to let us explore.  We did notice that we seemed to get extra attention on this visit from the college student summer interns.  The (male) interns were very attentive and even gave Katie some food pellets and let her feed the fish outside in the larger tanks.  Never hurts to have a tall blonde with you!

feeding fish

 Whatever is in those pellets, the fish do like it.

feeding frenzy

Our next adventure was a drive up the North Cascades Hwy. to Newhalem.  Here are Don and Katie on the bridge overlooking one of the little waterfalls and creeks that feed the Skagit River.

katie and don over gorge

A photo op on the bridge.

 photo op

The suspended walking bridge over the Skagit. You can really feel that thing bounce in the middle as you walk along.

barbie on bridge

We also cooked dinner on the grill under the gazebo.  Poor Katie thought she was going to freeze even though we had a fire under the gazebo, so she bundled up.

Katie w blankie

When she is not teaching summer swimming lessons, Katie is a proud TCU Horned Frog.  What is it with all these California girls going to college in Texas?


All that fish feeding and touring around must have tired her out.

katie asleep

 It was great to see our friends, even just for a little while.  And the Dewar’s chews they brought us were wonderful!

4 comments on “Visit From the Horned Frog

  1. Barbie says:

    Thanks again for all the hospitality. We are having fun telling people about sleeping in the chicken coop. We had a great trip and just returned on July 15. We ended up going into Glacier National Forest. It was beautiful. Take care and see you in August. Let’s go to dinner! God Bless, Barbie

  2. Cheri Mudryk says:

    Hi Brenda, Are you on Face book? I just posted pictures of Jeff’s wedding on it. Check them out if you can. Nick’s wedding is next I hear.

    • Brenda says:

      Hi Cheri – good to hear from you! No Sorry – no facebook. The blog is about the limit of my technology. I didn’t know Jeff was married, congratulations to you all.

  3. Brenda says:

    It was great to see you all, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s not just anywhere you can sleep in the chicken coop 😉

    We will have to do dinner at Rosa’s in August.

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