The lupine season is about over and the seed pods are drying in the sun.

 lupine 3

Now the foxgloves are in bloom.  The foxglove grow wild in this area – there is a local road named for them as they were so thick in the area.

foxgloves big

They are very tall, majestic plants with interesting shapes and markings.  Many wildflowers are edible, but the foxglove is poison, though it is used to make the heart drug digitalis.

foxgloves close best

It was originally called Folksglove – the glove of the ‘good folk’ or fairies, whose favourite haunts were supposed to be in the deep hollows and woody dells, where the Foxglove delights to grow. Folksglove is one of its oldest names, and is mentioned in a list of plants in the time of Edward III.

Whatever it is called, they are beautiful growing wild adding color to the green summer landscape.

foxgloves under tree

2 comments on “Foxgloves

  1. ml says:

    Beautiful! Sure beats the store bought ones I grow.

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