Dogs & Chickens

The dogs are settling in and are very comfortable here.  It seems like we have had them for a long time, but it has only been a few weeks.  We were not sure if it was wise to get two at once, but it has worked out very well.

   napping together

They sleep together.

pups wrestling

They play together.

napping again

And generally just keep each other company.

dogs sleeping

They did have a little issue with their new house and pen.


No, that is not late snowstorm.  The dogs got bored in their pen – though they are only in it at night – and decided to shred their new bed which was inside their house.  I guess they will be sleeping on the hard floor instead of the soft, cozy bed.

dogs and chicks

We were not sure what to expect with the dogs being around the chickens. They really don’t seem too interested most of the time.  And, speaking of the chickens, they are doing well and getting very big.

Bernadette, the “exotic” chick (not the ugly one as Nick calls her) is even looking better with feathers on now.

Bernadette chick

She did go through a bit of an awkward phase as her feathers were coming in.

 Bernadette some feathers

Kind of reminds you of a teen going through puberty doesn’t it?  Poor Bernadette, she is a bit of a late bloomer compared to the others.

bernadette better feathers

Now that she has feathers she looks much better.  As far as we can tell, she is Bernadette not Bernard – but time will tell.

chickens out

With the nice warm weather, we have let the chickens out into their yard.  The dogs watch them for a while, then go take a nap.

5 comments on “Dogs & Chickens

  1. Tj and Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing Nick and Riah, they were a lot of fun. They also shared more photos of your place. Your chicken house/building and your bath house are awesome! I am impressed too with the beauty of your surroundings. We are toying with the idea of riding up on the bike late summer. Give us a holler on your summer plans.

    Speaking on chickens…
    Today I butchered some more of our meat birds…. gross job, but the meat is so tasty and it is satisfying to raise all of our own meat. Our little layers are the same size as yours, we have a couple barred rock as well as other varieties. Any idea of what kind of chicken Bernadette is? I think she will be beautiful and look forward to seeing her full grown. Regards- Tj

    P.S. Your dogs are cute. I hope they are calmer than ours.

  2. Brenda says:

    We miss having Nick around. And it was fun to visit with Riah, though she was only here for a short time.

    We would love to have you visit anytime – the chicken coop / guest quarters are always open 😉 We will send you an email with our summer schedule.

    You are braver than I am with the butchering chickens. Our plan is go get some meat birds next. So far, we just have the layers who should start having eggs in August or so. We think – based on the pictures in the chicken catalog – that Bernadette is a Cochin of some sort. They are an old variety from China originally. Nick says she is just wierd, but we prefer the term exotic.

    The dogs are really doing pretty well for puppies – both six months old now. They have had a few issues with chewing things up (notice the bedding picture) and barking at night, but overall they are fairly well behaved. They do miss all the company we had who paid lots of attention to them. Now they are stuck with just the two of us!

  3. The Nick Dude says:

    I still cannot get over how weird and awkward Bernadette is! Riah and I made it home in one piece and had a ball at The salmon creek ranch! Thanks again for letting me stay with you guys!! I miss the cool weather! I feel like I’m melting here in baco! Its HOT!

  4. ml says:

    Aren’t you glad that you didn’t buy the expensive bed for the pups? After what they did to the frozen handle on the milk jug I’m not surprised. Russ loved seeing the pictures

  5. Brenda says:

    Mary Lou,
    You are right, I’m glad I didn’t buy the expensive bed. They may not have one at all unless they learn to stop chewing. We will see this fall when the weather gets cold how well behaved they are.

    Bernadette is “Exotic” not wierd. And she is looking much better with her feathers now. She is even being brave and going outside quite a lot. I thinned the carrots the other day and tossed them into the chicken run and they had a tug-o-war with them.

    We miss having you around here. We had to build our own fire and open the gate yesterday!

    We are expecting a heat wave here too – 80 degrees tomorrow 🙂 Seriously, be careful while you acclimate to the heat again. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to be hauled off on a stretcher?

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