Dog Run

We got a little ahead of ourselves getting the dogs before the dog run and house was finished.  Our cute new puppies need a secure home so Rick and Nick are working on digging holes for the fence posts.

rick and nick w auger

 The auger looks like it will dig a post hole in no time at all.

auger broken

 Unfortunately, it doesn’t do so well with rocks.  Another broken bolt.

nick digging

 And Nick is back to digging holes by hand with the rock pick.

 molly w string

The dogs are very helpful during this construction process – always in the way.  Here Molly is tangled in the string we pulled to mark the post locations.

pawprints in cement

After we got all the posts dug and cemented in, I went back to check and see that they were all still square and level.  One – or maybe both – of the dogs had already “autographed” it for us.  I guess that is appropriate since it is their new home.

3 comments on “Dog Run

  1. Tj and Mark says:

    love those tracks!

  2. ml says:

    Don’t you mean paw-tograph? Molly sure looks different from the under-nourished scared pup you brought home. Has Nick completed all assigned jobs so he can come home next week?

  3. Nick says:

    Its looking like I will have to make a brake for it because there is no way that I will be able to complete all the jobs around here!! I wish that I could stay longer but the fact that I have committed to one more fire season in California severely limits the time in which I can spend here. See you soon! By the way, Molly is looking and acting much better!! She has been seen instigating fights and not letting grizzly walk all over her!

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