Tulip Festival

We have finally finished moving and arrived back at the ranch.  Russell and Mary Lou (Rick’s parents) flew up with us for a visit.  We went to the annual Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon (about 45 minutes down river) and toured the tulip fields.


They grow tulips here as a crop.  I must say it is a lot prettier than seeing cotton in the fields.


The whole gang at one of the tulip displays. People come from all over – some as far away as Europe – to see the tulips.


Masses of tulips.  The Skagit Valley is the largest grower of tulips in North America.


This scene reminds me of a postcard.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed the festival.  The guys were not real enthusiastic about it all, but they did attend.

One comment on “Tulip Festival

  1. margaret says:

    I’m jealous!!! Glad you are all having fun. I loved Nicholas’ text to me…he thought he had seen more flowers that day than he had his entire life! Again…I’m jealous!! Have fun everyone!!

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