We are wrapping up our move here in California while Nick the ranch hand is taking care of things up north.  We had a yard sale on Saturday that was very well attended.  I put an ad in the newspaper and on craigslist that said “8 am to 4 pm” so they didn’t start ringing our doorbell until 6:45 am.  While we were cleaning and sorting and packing, Rick wanted to throw away lots of stuff, but I insisted we could sell it at the yard sale.  And we did!  Some stuff we were going to have to haul away we sold – one for $5.00!

We sold most of the stuff that we didn’t want to move, but by about 3:00 pm the crowd had dwindled and we were tired and hungry.  I already had Goodwill scheduled to come on Monday to pick up whatever was left, so we decided to just move everything out to the driveway, put a sign on it that said “Free” and call it a day.


All the left over stuff – and all gone in 3 hours!


We put the signs out  – and an ad on craigslist – at 3:30 pm and went inside.  I took a nap and Rick watched his race.  I went out to check and see if anyone had picked anything up at 6:30 pm.  Everything was gone!  Everything – in 3 hours!  Even the old, rusted  paint cans that we had sitting outside before we took them into the hazardous waste disposal.  Amazing!  We have decided that we could put our trash out front and put “Free” on it and someone would haul it off 😉

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