Tractor Show

We are still here in sunny California.  This past Saturday we went to Tulare for the Tractor Show – Antique Tractors.  I guess you know you are really old when the tractor you drove as a teen is now on display at an Antique Tractor Show.


Russell (Rick’s Dad) went with us and enjoyed looking at the hundreds and hundreds of tractors.



Green tractors and red tractors – we saw them all.


 There were lots of other pieces of old farm machinery.


I remember having milk delivered in glass bottles, but the truck our milkman drove was a lot newer than this – really.


There were other unusual items that we all tried to figure out.  A motorized bicycle?


A rototiller cart?


My favorites were the kids.  These three were in the parade of tractors – though they really don’t look too excited about it.


Now that is a REAL tractor pull!


 We had a good time, didn’t get too sunburned  – a good day.

3 comments on “Tractor Show

  1. used bobcats says:

    I don’t normally respond but that was a good post – much appreciated.

  2. Michael says:

    Hello to All!!! Looks like you had a good time at the tractor show. My dad has one of the old red Farmall Cub tractors that is in one of the pictures and my grandfather used to have one of the old David Bradley rototillers. My dad’s tractor has been completely restored. He only uses it a couple of time a year to mow the back field. I guess the rest of the time he just admires it. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in California before you return to Washington.

  3. Brenda says:

    Michael – your dad is amazing! I think he must have one of everything. I would love to spend more time going through his treasures, he has good stuff. Only a fellow collector appreciates that kind of thing 😉

    Does he take his tractor to the Antique Show back there?

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