Nick the Ranch Hand

Rick and I have returned to California for a couple of weeks to take care of some business (whoever invented income taxes and quarterly business reports should be shot).  While we are away Nick is keeping an eye on things  at the ranch, including the new chicks.


 He’s been very versatile working on different projects the past week or so.  He helped build the chicken coop.


 He’s very handy at hauling sheets of OSB.


 I think his favorite was getting to use his chain saw – he was very excited about that.  Doesn’t everyone travel with their own chain saw?


This little tree wasn’t much of a challenge for his saw, but hopefully we can find him some bigger ones to work on.


Here he is hauling bales of wood shavings up into the loft.  We’re planning to install a hoist, but in the meantime Nick is doing a good job.


We’re glad he is available to be at the ranch while we are away.

One comment on “Nick the Ranch Hand

  1. Tj says:

    Wood shavings in the loft??? OBVIOUSLY Nick needs some time on our ranch too…. and he should definately bring his saw. Have we ever got some trees to test it, and him, on! mark

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