The Chicks Have Arrived

The guys have been working hard to get the chicken coop portion of our coop/shed building completed.  They finished the trim and hanging the doors on Saturday evening.


Sunday after church we filled the coop with wood shavings and warmed the brooder box  – and not a moment too soon.


We got a call from Cathy at the post office that our chicks had arrived bright and early Monday morning.


How can it be that live chicks arrive from Iowa in less than 48 hours and our mail often takes two weeks?  These hatched Saturday at 6 pm.


I dipped each of their beaks in the water dish first thing.  This is their first experience with water and drinking as they are newly hatched when they are boxed and shipped with no nourishment.


At first they all huddled together under the heat lamp.


After just a few minutes they started moving around and eating and drinking on their own.


They do sometimes flop down all sprawled out like there is something wrong – but in a minute or two they hop up and move again.  They all seem to be doing well and survivied their shipping ordeal just fine.


The hatchery we ordered from also has many exotic and very rare types of chickens.  As a bonus they will include one of the rare or exotic birds with your order.  You don’t know what breed you might get, only that it is rare.  The chick on the right is the exotic one we got.  She is larger than the other chicks and has feathers all the way down her legs, so we think she is some type of Cochin – a fowl originally bred in China.  It will be fun to see how she looks as she grows.


While we were settling the chicks this morning, we needed to get the shed warmer.  Nick built a fire in the cookstove and then made good use of it to cook breakfast.  He’s getting pretty good on that thing!

6 comments on “The Chicks Have Arrived

  1. Tj says:

    Are those Barred Rock chicks?

  2. Meg says:

    Aww they are so cute!! Good thing there are not cats around, they would be cute hors d’oeuvres

  3. Tj says:

    Send Nick to me. I NEED a breakfast cook. Will supply the wild pigs and the gun in the bacon procurement process. Eggs are in the barn. All the physical exercise/fitness is free. How is he with potatoes? mark

  4. Brenda says:

    Good Eye Tj! Yes, about half of those are Barred Rocks. We also have Black Austrolorps (Australian Orpingtons). Unfortunately we were so concerned with getting them out of the box and quickly supplied with food, water and warmth we didn’t make much note of which is which and they look a lot alike. I guess we will just have to watch them grow and see who is who.

    Mark: Nick hasn’t tried potatoes – yet. But everyone has had fun cooking on the woodstove. I think he’s booked for the next few months, but if any openings come up in his schedule maybe he can work you in. He’s going to “chick sit” for us for the next couple of weeks.

  5. Michael says:

    Looks like the chicken “business” is going well. I like the one with the feathers on his feet. Make sure that Nick does not fry up any chicken legs on the stove anytime soon because the new chicks might get a complex and think something is up with that cookstove setting close by. The might start wondering what its future purpose of the stove might be for!!!

  6. Brenda says:

    Michael: You’re right, the chicks might get suspicious if he starts making fried chicken in there. So far, only fried eggs! These are all supposed to be layers instead of meat birds, but I ordered extra just in case we lost a few, so we don’t really need all those for eggs unless we are going to supply all our friends and neighbors.

    I like the one with the feathers all the way down the legs too. I named her Bernadette – then I looked at the paperwork more closely and saw that the extra “exotic” chick is straight run. That means either male or female, so she may end up being a Bernard, time will tell. A chicken expert could probably tell now, but that is certainly not us.

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