Aggies Visit North Part 2


To continue with Megan and Brandon’s visit here, we walked over to the fish hatchery that is across the river from our place.  Brandon is a fisherman, but I don’t believe there are a lot of salmon or steelhead in south Texas.


These are the incubation trays where the eggs are hatched.  There is a whole room full of these racks of trays


Then the fish are moved to another room filled with these big tanks.  Rick is standing in front of a tank filled with Chinook Salmon.


There are a LOT of tiny fish in each tank.  When we were there for the open house last spring they had cards on each tank telling how many fish it contained.  Many were 700,00 to 800,000 with some up to a million fish per tank.  They are so thick that when you first look into the tank it just looks dark – until you realize that dark blob is thousands and thousands and thousands of fish.


As the fish get larger they are moved into the outside tanks.  These tanks are covered with the nets to keep the eagles and other birds from having them as a snack.  The bears also have a habit of hanging out close to the hatchery. . . as do the hunters looking for bear.  Seems kind of unfair to me, but I guess that is another blog.


The last stop before the fish are released into the river are these large grow out tanks.


These are rainbow trout.


After the fish hatchery we were on our way back to Seattle so Megan and Brandon could catch their flight back home.

We have been experiencing lots of difficulties with our internet connection lately, making it really hard to upload pictures for the blog.  Hopefully our service is going to improve, in the meantime I’m going to try some shorter ones with fewer pictures.  So stay tuned for our visit to Seattle and Pike Place in part 3.

One comment on “Aggies Visit North Part 2

  1. TjandMark says:

    Those fishes are awesome. Lookiing forward to Pike Place.

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