Snow, Snow, Snow

I must admit we really didn’t think there would be this much snow still on the ground so late in the season.  Last year everything was melted off completely by the second week in March.  Much to the dismay of everyone here but us, we still have a good 18 inches to 2 feet on the ground, higher in the drifts . . . and more is expected this weekend.


The skiers and snowboarders (and maybe the resort owners) are the only ones who are happy about the snow.  It is really beautiful though.  And the air is crisp and clean and there are some incredible cloud formations.


This is a little clearing we call fern meadow.  It is covered with bracken ferns all summer.

Doesn’t it look nice in snow?


All the snow and ice this winter has done some damage.  We have several broken trees and branches.  Firewood for next year.


Just because the snow looks beautiful doesn’t mean it is easy to maneuver around.  Our walkway was completely covered, so Rick had to shovel it out.  After all the rain and freezing weather it was frozen solid.  I think this having to dig things out part is why our neighbors are so sick of the snow.  From my position in the rocking chair on the porch it didn’t seem bad though.

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